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The admins' T-shirt. Acalamari 20:16, 17 February 2009 (UTC)[reply]

Happy New Year NJA![edit]

Happy New Year!
Hello NJA:
Thanks for all of your contributions to improve the encyclopedia for Wikipedia's readers, and have a happy and enjoyable New Year! Cheers, Donner60 (talk) 05:30, 27 December 2019 (UTC)[reply]

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sorry — Preceding unsigned comment added by VIde00 (talkcontribs) 13:51, 28 December 2019 (UTC)[reply]

About the "only warning" about spamming[edit]

I noticed that after you reverted spam by User:AANURA, you left a message on their talk page. Is it from one of the templates? I've never seen it before. It goes much more straight to the point of "stop spamming the Wiki" than what I have found in Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace. Is this tone only administrators are allowed to use? BernardoSulzbach (talk) 13:59, 28 December 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Hi, anyone can use the ((subst:uw-spam4im)) template for severe spam (where appropriate). It’s part of the Twinkle warnings and I see it listed in Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace as well. All the best, N.J.A. | talk 14:10, 28 December 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Regret for using Bot name in username[edit]

@NJA:, I'm extremely sorry that I did a mistake in creating a account using the Bot word which is generally been reserved for the technical purposes, but I didn't have any intention to violate the Wikipedia policies nor in the future I would ever do so. I admit I'm new user in Wikipedia, but I'm a good reader and from onwards I will adhere to all the policy and procedures while using Wikipedia. But I also like to apologise and would request you to tag me with all the important and relevant page regarding the polices so that in future by mistake also I don't any mistake. And thank you for believing in me and considering my request. I'm really happy that you gave time in considering by Unblock request in the winter vacation and also sad that I created a bad rapport with you all that I didn't explain and put my point on my talk page first rather than request the name change. Thanks IMBTech (talk) 15:01, 28 December 2019 (UTC)[reply]

It’s all fine, no problem. Happy editing, N.J.A. | talk 13:25, 29 December 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Happy Holidays![edit]

Spread the WikiLove; use ((subst:Season's Greetings)) to send this message

Happy New Year, NJA![edit]

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User talk:M77 BOT[edit]

det er User:M77 BOOTS nå. er det OK? — Preceding unsigned comment added by M77 BOOTS (talk • contribs) 23:52, 4 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

@M77 BOOTS: Yes, thank you, N.J.A. | talk 11:55, 5 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

You've got mail![edit]

Hello, NJA. Please check your email; you've got mail!
Message added 12:14, 5 January 2020 (UTC). It may take a few minutes from the time the email is sent for it to show up in your inbox. You can remove this notice at any time by removing the ((You've got mail)) or ((ygm)) template.

Interstellarity (talk) 12:14, 5 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

@Interstellarity: Done, awaiting oversight, N.J.A. | talk 12:16, 5 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Why does it need oversight? Interstellarity (talk) 12:18, 5 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
I believe that’s what the emergency email response will do, but if not then it’s at least removed from logs, N.J.A. | talk 12:19, 5 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

User:Ghar Junction[edit]

Hi NJA, you recently blocked User:Ghar Junction for spamming. They are repeatedly putting the same spam content on their talk page. Would you consider extending the block to remove talk page access? Many thanks, The Mirror Cracked (talk) 15:22, 5 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Done, N.J.A. | talk 15:24, 5 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]


Hey, thanks for the block but it appears this editor is not here to engage with editors and has failed to respond to COI/UPE inquiries. I suspect the creator of the articles about her business is also paid (but that's another matter for COIN), anyway, my question is whether this can be extended to indefinite until they satisfactorily answer the question about their COI/paid editing. Praxidicae (talk) 11:16, 7 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

@Praxidicae: I was drafting a note on editing restrictions when you posted here. I wasn’t happy indefinitely blocking right now, but this may be the result if there’s no dialogue. This is their chance. Feel free to report any violation of the restriction to me or another admin, N.J.A. | talk 11:23, 7 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Looks like they've started ip socking. Doing the same thing "fixing typos" Praxidicae (talk) 12:03, 7 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Oh and they tried to remove the afd Praxidicae (talk) 12:05, 7 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks, blocked all around, N.J.A. | talk 12:12, 7 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
NJA it appears they've returned Praxidicae (talk) 13:59, 8 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

More block evasion at Julie Carlson[edit]

Merry edit-warring continues via the next IP. Another block please? Cheers --Elmidae (talk · contribs) 17:07, 7 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Edit Removal[edit]


I just wanted to let you know the edits I submitted were not advertisements and they followed Wikipedia guidelines properly, sources are cited and there is no advertising.

Denarius (D) is a modern cryptocurrency since 2017 and the world deserves to know. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Carsenjk (talkcontribs) 19:10, 12 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Recent username reports[edit]

Hi NJA, please could you explain why you considered the reports about User:Firmincigars and User:Uptownlogodesign not a blatant violation of the username's policy? At WP:U I read textually: "Usernames are not allowed on Wikipedia if they: [...] only contain the names of companies, organizations, websites, musical groups or bands, teams, social media or streaming channels, or creative groups". It seems that this precisely meets those situations, isn't it? Is there a different understanding of this policy? Thanks in advance, --DoebLoggs (talk) 10:22, 16 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

@DoebLoggs: Hi, although you cite the policy correctly, the intent, when blocking for username violations, is to prevent shared use/role accounts and blatant spamming for or on behalf of someone paying you (WP:PAID). Although both these accounts are potentially editing in a way that’s a conflict, none of the edits indicate someone working at the company created the account for corporate (shared/role) purposes as opposed to an individual who may or may not work for the company. Further, none of the edits are blatant spam, e.g. editing articles to market the products of any particular brand nor have they linked to inappropriate external sources. There could be a warning given not only about username policy, but also COI and PAID, but I disagree they’re blatant violations that require an immediate block. If you’re not in agreement you may take these to WP:RFCN for community consensus on this, N.J.A. | talk 10:45, 16 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Hi again NJA, no, I'm not in disagreement, I was just trying to understand the rationale behind your choice, just to improve my skills and avoid make unuseful reportings and wasting admins' time in the future. Thanks for your answer. Cheers, --DoebLoggs (talk) 10:54, 16 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

wait, that's illegal[edit]

on you page it says you live in Toronto. But it also says you are a citezen of the EU??? how?? Billy rocky fernansa (talk) 16:04, 18 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

About Dog insurance: get your dog a health insurance article[edit]

Hi there. I have created my first article "Dog insurance: get your dog a health insurance article". i noticed that has deleted. I added one external link for that article and that maybe the reason to delete it. So i just want to know is that okay to remake same article and without adding any links to that. Thank you.

Regards Pradeep.— Preceding unsigned comment added by Dog Care (talkcontribs) 06:44, 19 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Replied on your talk page, N.J.A. | talk 13:38, 19 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Legal threat[edit]

Hey NJA hope all is well. I saw that you blocked Brianlye (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · nuke contribs · logs · filter log · block user · block log) for vandalism. It looks like they added a legal threat and generally just abusing their talk page privileges. -- LuK3 (Talk) 13:35, 19 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

TPA revoked, thanks, N.J.A. | talk 13:38, 19 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Nicken Cugget[edit]

Hi NJA! It's good to talk to you once again! I'm messaging you to ask about the issue with this account's username? It just looks like the user took the word "Chicken Nugget", switched the 'C' and the 'N', and removed the letter 'h'... It doesn't look to me like a username that warrants an account block. Is there something that I'm not seeing? Let me know. :-) Thanks - ~Oshwah~(talk) (contribs) 16:43, 21 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

On face value it's absolutely fine, and perhaps I'm too jaded from the approximately one "Chicken Nugget" themed username created daily, which is ultimately blocked for behaviour, LTA and/or socking reasons. As such I associate the name with demonstrating an intent on being disruptive. Saying this, if they ask for a review I would allow the unblock and if they even mildly seem sincere in intent I'd apologize for the block, N.J.A. | talk 16:50, 21 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Fair enough. Thanks for responding with your thoughts and the reason behind the block. :-) Cheers - ~Oshwah~(talk) (contribs) 16:53, 21 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Not that there's a connection, but this recent revert is an example of the pattern I see with that username implying a disruptive intent, N.J.A. | talk 16:56, 21 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Request for rollbacks permission[edit]

I have 900 edits, about 400 of which were made in the mainspace. I have had the pending changes reviewer permission for over a year. I often search for vandalism so I would like to have this tool. Thank you for your consideration! —FORMALDUDE(talk) 02:10, 23 January 2020 (UTC) (I'm contacting you because you're listed on administrators willing to grant rollback requests)[reply]

Hi @FormalDude: you look good to go. I’ll add the permission to your account, and although I trust you’ve done so do already, do re-familiarize yourself with the intended use of the rollback tool. Also, good job at skipping the queue and coming here for the permission assignment ;), N.J.A. | talk 11:01, 23 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks for the quick response NJA! I knew it'd be a good idea to come to you. —FORMALDUDE(talk) 03:41, 24 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Lou Ann Barton[edit]

I'm not sure what type of citation you want for the information I left. Rockola was originally a five piece group consisting of Lou Ann Barton on vocals. Paul Christiansen on guitar (he was also Lou Ann's boyfriend at the time). David Skinner as lead guitarist and vocals. Dennis Berganni on bass. Randy "Turtle" DeHart on drums. The band moved to Ft. Worth in 1973 and replaced Berganni with Mike "Cadillac" Johnson. They also added Richard Kline on B3. There are some Rockola recordings that have made their way into the light via Roy Ames Home Cooking label after Roy got out of federal prison. David Skinner was a 2005 inductee into the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in the Blues category as a singer and guitarist. The story of his induction mentions his time with Rockola and Lou Ann. Additionally, Cadillac's website for Michael "Cadillac" Johnson and the Revelators talks about joining Lou Ann's band in 1973. FYI, the reason I know this information to be accurate is because I WAS THERE. — Preceding unsigned comment added by The 1 Big A (talkcontribs) 17:38, 23 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

@The 1 Big A: Per the notice left on your page you need to support your changes with a reliable source. As noted in the guidance at that link a reliable source means third-party (i.e. not you, yourself), published sources with a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy. Please review the Five Pillars to understand what is expected when editing, N.J.A. | talk 17:46, 23 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]


Please also revdel his spam. Thanks for blocking. ―Justin (koavf)TCM 12:36, 30 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

@Koavf: Hi Justin, thanks for the message. Why would these need revdel'ed? It's disruptive, but I cannot see how it meets the requirements even for criteria 3, N.J.A. | talk 15:04, 30 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
NJA, On projects where I have those user rights, I revdel spam on the off chance that someone clicks on those links. I'm definitely not clicking on whatsapp2020freemoney[dot]biz or whatever but I can only assume that his spam is malicious and quite possibly harmful to someone's computer. ―Justin (koavf)TCM 17:11, 30 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
I did check the link and it currently goes to an article on "chhatrapati-shivaji-maharaj". I'm not comfy deleting under any criteria. The closest is 3, but even it says the criteria isn't for "mere spam links." Saying that, maybe I'm being overly restrictive on this and I am not opposed to you seeking a further opinion via WP:REVDELREQUEST or wherever else is appropriate, N.J.A. | talk 18:15, 30 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Insurance company SPA[edit]

Hi. Today, Pat Bendure was created and immediately edited the home location and article of the same company that SS Bendure Hartwig was blocked for promoting a couple days ago. —[AlanM1(talk)]— 21:57, 10 February 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for the note. Although they could be editing in a COI, I’m not sure they are causing too much disruption. I will welcome them with outlines on COI and remind them to cite and use edit summaries, N.J.A. | talk 10:44, 11 February 2020 (UTC)[reply]


So question, I reported an account yesterday for User:Subwayeetfresh which is basically Subway "Eat Fresh", the company name and slogan, not exactly sure how that wasn't actionable? Looks like you're active this morning so I posted here but this made no sense to me [[1]]. Hell in a Bucket (talk) 16:43, 1 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for the post. Can you clarify which part(s) of the username policy you believe that account name violates? I see one rationale for a soft block under username policy, but you mention "company name and slogan" so I’d like to understand your thinking. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I am blocking as a vandalism only account, but not solely for any username issue, N.J.A. | talk 18:53, 1 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
I hesitated on the vandalism only part just because they hadn't made more then that initial edit. The reasons I reported were as stated when filed it was a promotional and misleading name. I've seen some social media sites have members that have spoofed a company to make it look like it was them and reply to customers or the like. I doubt many people if any would have fell for it but there again it has happened. Was I off base? Hell in a Bucket (talk) 19:25, 1 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
@Hell in a Bucket: Unfortunately I do no share your view that the name was caught by the provisions of WP:ORGNAME. There’s no indication the user is employed by Subway (or anyone) to edit promotionally and/or was using the name as a shared account. The username policy issue I was referring to is the “yeet” part of the name, which, if you need to google it, you will find it to be disruptive and likely offensive. That, coupled with their edit summary gave good cause to block as VOA and/or NOTHERE. Had they not edited at all I may have soft blocked the name for the reasons mentioned, but not for promotional or shared reasons, N.J.A. | talk 22:54, 1 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Also, I do not recall declining your report for this name, but this is a good decision nonetheless, N.J.A. | talk 22:58, 1 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
No one really declined it, there was a massed deletion on several reports all at once but it was never noted showing hey this or that and why it was summarily removed. You just happened to be an administrator that had been recently active on that page so I asked you because you appeared to be active at the time of posting. It wasn't that you denied or didn't, it's often been my experience that what one administrator finds ok another may not and thus with no rationale of what was the issue it simply became expedient to ask someone that was active. Out of that username you only saw yeet (What I googles it simply meant excited so I don't get the inherent disruption)? I didn't even consider that because of how it was packaged with the name and how many times people have tried to spoof a company and then make a meme or the like after posting some stupid response to someone. I do get your point about ORG and promotional though that may have been off base. Amazing how two people can come to similar assessments for such different reasons. Anyways, appreciated the response thanks! Hell in a Bucket (talk) 00:17, 2 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Please reprotect (not ECP)...[edit]

Per Wikipedia:Protection_policy#Template_protection and Wikipedia:High-risk_templates, WP:ECP is not the recommended protection for templates (for a number of reasons listed). Please adjust protection for Template:Confirmed cases in 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak accordingly. Buffs (talk) 17:14, 3 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Hi and thanks for the message. I’m familiar with protection policy and re-read it just in case, and I’m not sure what your concern is or where you see an outright prohibition from using ECP? The rationale for protection is this case is mostly vandalism from IPs. Had I intended “Full” protection I would have chose “template protection” instead, as it is a template, and per policy. Anyhow let me know the exact issue and I’ll review, I’ve amended the protection, though I'd like to know the rationale for your concern, N.J.A. | talk 11:30, 4 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
My concern is basically that ECP for templates has been rejected in the past. IMHO, it's a pretty inconsequential difference, but it's what we've generally agreed to as a community and we should abide by that consensus. Have a good day! Buffs (talk) 23:03, 4 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Fatlozz cinic[edit]

Sorry but I disagreed with you and went ahead and blocked. The user name is a typo on Fatlozz Clinic. See their contributions and spam to their website. Cheers! -- Alexf(talk) 12:46, 4 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

@Alexf: Hi, thanks for the post. It is appreciated, but there was no need; I'm fairly chill  ;) N.J.A. | talk 19:30, 5 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]


The IP keep false credit "Julian Williams" after final warning. Can you block the IP? 2402:1980:283:FB5B:14EA:9D7E:5FC7:5D43 (talk) 10:02, 5 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Hi, thanks for the post. I’ve checked and there is no recent disruption warranting a block in my opinion, but if it picks up do report at WP:ANI, N.J.A. | talk 19:37, 5 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Redirected/protected article[edit]

An article with 50 refs, which seems to meet GNG from what I can tell, was redirected by one editor who asserted it was not notable, and then protected by you. That seems an odd, unhelpful result. How do we have public discussion on the subject? The effect of the editing by the two of you is the same as if the article were deleted. Without going through the AfD process. Thank you. --2604:2000:E010:1100:80EE:174D:AD0C:54A4 (talk) 23:08, 8 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Hi, thanks for the post. Although I see some logic in your post, I do not agree it is the actual result (nor was it intended, directly or indirectly). The public discussion around the subject of notability may be had on the article’s talk page, which is not protected. Protection can always be amended or removed following a consensus to do so, which is to be attempted on the talk page. All the best, N.J.A. | talk 01:55, 9 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
I understand that is not the intended result. But to answer your point, any public discussion around the subject of notability should I think be at an AfD. Because there we can attract the editors that comment on the issue of notability of an article. They watch the AfD lists. They do not watch this talk page. Maybe the best thing for you to do would as an administrative matter nominate it for AfD? That would allow the usual editors to comment. Otherwise, as you have seen, that talk page may attract editors who are more interested in the article subject than in the notability issue.2604:2000:E010:1100:9CBD:54D6:D394:BC94 (talk) 03:29, 9 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Although AfD may attract a more skilled audience, it is not meant to supplant discussion of notability issues on the talk page. You seem to be saying if the page were not protected you would nominate for AfD, but you had not done so previously. I thought about your suggestion and I am unsure an AfD is appropriate here as the person was formerly in a fairly high level role in government that arguably involved something noteworthy, and he has been and remains active in California politics. It’s a fair chance consensus will be that the subject meets minimal requirements and that there's scope to improve as opposed to delete the article. For these reasons, and per the prerequisites suggested prior to an AfD nomination, I am not comfortable nominating for deletion. I understand the annoyance, but protection was not put in place to protect the current version with redirect, it was done to prevent further disruption by various editors. Protection does have indirect effects, but discussion and consensus means an agreed change can be made further to a protected edit request. I may be inclined to reduce the period of protection (currently until March 15), but you should continue discussion on the talk page, wait for the current protection to elapse and consider whether to nominate, and/or you may seek a review of the protection by listing the page, with concise reasons why protection is inappropriate under the protection policy at WP:RFUP, N.J.A. | talk 11:19, 9 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Note I’ve reconsidered the factors around protection and have for now decided to remove it. The rationale is on the article talk page and the matter should be discussed there, N.J.A. | talk 14:09, 9 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks for remaining open to reconsideration and being so thoughtful.2604:2000:E010:1100:BD20:C991:D0E6:EB0D (talk) 19:43, 17 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

User talk:Idanbot[edit]

Hi there NJA! I just came across your comment on User talk:Idanbot about renames. For future reference, I am a global renamer; please feel free to ping me to any discussion where a renamer's help is needed. Always happy to assist! . Best, TheSandDoctor Talk 22:14, 9 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

That’s a sensible idea. Thanks for this! N.J.A. | talk 01:15, 10 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
You're welcome! But seriously, don't hesitate to ping :) --TheSandDoctor Talk 06:02, 10 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

About DaedanBot[edit]

DaedanBot I use that account in Korea Wikipedia. (BOT)
By the way, I found that account was locked today. I will not use the account in en wikipedia.

  1. How can I register a bot?
  2. How long will the account be locked?

I would appreciate your reply here. (I am not good at speak English.I used an Internet translator.--와정말대단하다 (talk) 04:57, 11 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

→Hi, you say you only use the Bot account on ko.wiki. The en.wiki block does not affect use on ko.wiki, so you needn’t do anything. The en.wiki name will remain blocked unless you intend to run the bot on en.wiki, in which case you must follow the steps at WP:BRFA. All the best, N.J.A. | talk 10:52, 11 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
I am not good at English. Please let me know in detail.(I used an Internet translator.)--와정말대단하다 (talk) 07:30, 12 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Thank you[edit]

Hey, thank you very much for your swift block of that troll at Mongol Empire. Best.---Wikaviani (talk) (contribs) 11:38, 12 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Absolutely, N.J.A. | talk 11:54, 12 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Pending changes on 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Europe[edit]

Hey. Are you sure about not just semiprotecting it? It just seems a bit active for pending changes... What do you think? El_C 12:23, 15 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

I was trying to establish any common protective action being taken on articles dealing with the subject, but PC may be too onerous for reviewers based on activity. I’ll amend now to semi, thanks. N.J.A. | talk 13:03, 15 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks, NJA, for amending. El_C 13:36, 15 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

User talk:Poopoonugget[edit]

Please revoke TPA. -- CptViraj (📧) 13:27, 20 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Done, thanks N.J.A. | talk 13:30, 20 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Reinstatement of deleted page[edit]

I just added an entry for XML Copy Editor in the table of XML editors at Comparison of XML editors. When I went to create a page to satisfy the redline, I found the following note

11:56, 20 January 2010 NJA talk contribs deleted page XML Copy Editor (WP:PROD: Nominated for seven days with no objection) (thank)

The software is active and available and under maintenance (I have had a email response from the maintainer about a query I had). What is the procedure for getting the page XML Copy Editor recovered if I undertake to update it?

I am the editor of the XML FAQ at http://xml.silmaril.ie/ and I do not have any association with the authors of XML Copy Editor (except as an occasional user).

Frisket (talk) 14:12, 8 April 2020 (UTC)[reply]

@Frisket: thanks for your message. I have restored the page, but do note it could be re-tagged in future for discussion under the deletion policy. If the shortcomings are addressed however, then it is less likely to be deleted. All the best, N.J.A. | talk 16:20, 8 April 2020 (UTC)[reply]
that's great thanks. are the shortcomings just the matter of context? or is there something special needed that isn't mentioned? stay safe Frisket (talk) 13:48, 10 April 2020 (UTC)[reply]
I expanded the context and the explanations, and checked the claims. I could add a lot more, but it's only a small application, and a proper review is out of place :-) Frisket (talk) 23:32, 10 April 2020 (UTC)[reply]

"Mountain view chocolate factory" listed at Redirects for discussion[edit]

An editor has asked for a discussion to address the redirect Mountain view chocolate factory. Since you had some involvement with the Mountain view chocolate factory redirect, you might want to participate in the redirect discussion if you wish to do so. OcelotCreeper (talk) 18:07, 25 April 2020 (UTC)[reply]


You blocked him before I warned him 😂 lol. Thanks again! DerianGuy40 (talk) 12:19, 5 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Copyright violation by User:Ahmedraunaq[edit]

Hi, NJA user User:Ahmedraunaq is continuing copyright violation to the article Sylheti grammar even after tagging WP:G12 and warning about copyright. See the copyvio report. Please have a look. Thank you.

 Done N.J.A. | talk 14:57, 8 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]


If you're still around, can you block [2] and make the necessary redactions? Hope you're well. ——Serial # 11:43, 11 June 2020 (UTC) Thanks for that—a ton of work for you, but a job well done  :) ——Serial # 11:52, 11 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

 Done and thanks, N.J.A. | talk 11:53, 11 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

A beer for you![edit]

Thirsty work, your job, and not a nice one sometimes. Thanks for your help earlier, though. Take care! ——Serial # 20:22, 11 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Miscegenation edit dispute, am worried[edit]

one user broke 3RR, then acussed me of edit warring and claiming i changed the status que while it was the consensus version all along, now am worried he will report me, as am a new user i dont know how to defend myself the same way Gooduserdude (talk) 12:25, 17 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for the post. Looking at the article and the edits, I would recommend you stop reverting and use the article’s talk page to discuss the issue. Also see dispute resolution for guidance., N.J.A. | talk 12:26, 17 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]
but i was not edit warring, why should i be reported? Gooduserdude (talk) 12:32, 17 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]
I do not see you being reported for edit warring, though you both warned each other about it. If you stop and stick to the article’s talk page and remain civil, you should be okay., N.J.A. | talk 12:34, 17 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

User talk:Uttarakhand Science Education and Research Centre (USERC)[edit]

You may wish to revoke TPA.--Cahk (talk) 09:06, 18 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

They’re allowed to blank the page as the block log still says the reasoning. Thanks., N.J.A. | talk 10:00, 18 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]
I am referring to this edit post-block [3]--Cahk (talk) 19:03, 18 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]
I see, thanks. I’ll watch the page., N.J.A. | talk 19:12, 18 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

User talk:Mmovingfurniture[edit]

You may wish to revoke TPA.--Cahk (talk) 09:16, 18 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

 Done: Unlike above, they were re-adding spam. Thanks., N.J.A. | talk 10:01, 18 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Users are vandalizing West Block Blues page[edit]

One user has moved West Block Blues to user space. And now that it has been moved to user space, I can't move it back to article space. Can you please move it back to article space and protect it. There's so much vandalism going on. Coderzombie (talk) 11:21, 21 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Another admin seems to have resolved this, hopefully. Thanks., N.J.A. | talk 11:25, 21 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

New Pages Reviewer Request[edit]

Hello NJA, I am Megan, I am currently a pending changes reviewer and rollbacker. I have familiarized myself with almost all of Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines. I mostly hover around pending changes , recent changes and page curation to look for articles or edits against Wikipedia’s policies like WP:COPYVIO, WP:N. I really want to help over at NP to help with the over 9000 unreviewed articles. Regards Megan Barris (Lets talk📧) 23:49, 24 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Hi. I see you joined us not too long ago and you’ve been busy. Keep up the good work. In terms of your request, generally we want to see 90 days of edits, 500 undeleted edits to mainspace that clearly demonstrate knowledge of page quality control and the page moving process. Overall, far so good, but re-request around end of August, thanks, N.J.A. | talk 12:16, 25 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]
NJA, Okay, i will, Thanks Megan Barris (Lets talk📧) 14:43, 25 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Page Protection[edit]

Mind protecting MasterChef Greece, it’s tiring Megan Barris (Lets talk📧) 13:18, 27 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

 Done, thanks, N.J.A. | talk 13:20, 27 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Offensive username[edit]

Hi, NJA. I agree with Sjö that Kurtminrøv is an offensive name. (I have some feeling for Danish, though it's not my mother tongue.) I've softblocked the user. Just thought I'd mention it, hope you don't mind. Bishonen | tålk 20:56, 27 June 2020 (UTC).[reply]

Thanks for the note. It helps when there’s more than one opinion on a foreign term not widely used in English — unless it is and I’ve never come across it? Anyhow, all good here, N.J.A. | talk 10:29, 28 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]


user:2001:b011:800c:3409:e4bf:b61f:dcf4:2db2 is abusing her talkpage. CLCStudent (talk) 13:20, 11 July 2020 (UTC)[reply]

No molecular biology in 1674[edit]

You reverted an edit I made about Anisomycin. The study by Butler was not published in the 17th century and it should be blatantly obvious that the year was actually 1974, not 1674. People didn't even know antibiotics existed until (if you're generous) the end of the 19th century.

Hope we can fix this error soon. — Preceding unsigned comment added by WhatsAWorkingUsername (talkcontribs) 15:54, 11 July 2020 (UTC)[reply]

You’re right, apologies. I’ll revert N.J.A. | talk 17:04, 11 July 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Ufukcan Engin[edit]

Ufukcan seems to be a Turkish name (talk) 15:47, 15 July 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for the message. I will definitely bear that in mind if the editor appeals. N.J.A. | talk 19:40, 15 July 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Henry Cejudo[edit]

Hi NJA. Last month you protected Henry Cejudo due to persistent vandalism. Within hours of the protection expiring, the vandalism started again. Three anonymous users so far, all vandal edits. Doesn't look like it's going to stop. Do you think further protection would be a good idea? Thanks. JimKaatFan (talk) 16:11, 22 July 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for the update. I’ve protected for 3 months, N.J.A. | talk 09:41, 23 July 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Username is not changed![edit]

Username is not changed! (계정 이름이 안바뀝니다!)

my talk: User talk:DAEGUBUS (Bot)#July 2020

Check to Wikipedia:Changing username/Simple#DAEGUBUS (Bot) → DAEGUBUS~enwiki --DAEGUBUS (Bot) (talk) 12:22, 23 July 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Hi, thanks for the note. That process takes a little time, but as you have sought a change of name, you will not be blocked. Thank you for taking the time to resolve this, N.J.A. | talk 18:08, 23 July 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Incivility flare-up[edit]

I was hoping that B103N48 was starting to get the point about civility after they were last reported at ANI, and we managed to engage in meaningful discourse, so no admin intervention was necessary there. But alas, this happened. Regards, Cyphoidbomb (talk) 18:06, 1 August 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for the note. Apologies for the delay. It appears admin action has been taken. N.J.A. | talk 11:56, 4 August 2020 (UTC)[reply]


Hi NJA. I came across this editor via WP:THQ#Sakura School Akademi. They might be connected to an account you blocked named JaidenLalo. Do you think this needs to be added to Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Kidhackr? -- Marchjuly (talk) 14:12, 29 August 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks. Blocked as sock, N.J.A. | talk 10:44, 30 August 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you for taking a look at this. -- Marchjuly (talk) 11:06, 30 August 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Possible sock[edit]

This guy may be back again, see also a topic he likes to edit and one of several blocked socks that have edited the same page. Quack quack quack. davidwr/(talk)/(contribs) 02:41, 1 September 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks. Blocked and page protected for a bit, which hopefully will do something! N.J.A. | talk 11:48, 1 September 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Textile factory back in business[edit]

Not sure how often you check this textile mill but it looks like someone sneaked in and fired up the sewing machine again. I also started a related discussion at Wikipedia talk:Sockpuppet investigations/Archives/Archive22#Flagging "favorite" usernames for attention? which you may want to participate in. davidwr/(talk)/(contribs) 19:16, 5 September 2020 (UTC)[reply]

user I love cloy that was previously blocked seems to be back with another account[edit]

Hi, i think user I love cloy that was previously blocked by you seems to be back with another account with name Komoonyoung. because this disruptive editing on Korean drama page is exactly the same as before, changing the rating so that this user favorite dramas is at the top of the list. It's really annoying how much this user is imposing on it's own. Thank you in advance. Michaelelijahtanuwijaya (talk) 00:40, 23 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]

ArbCom 2020 Elections voter message[edit]

Hello! Voting in the 2020 Arbitration Committee elections is now open until 23:59 (UTC) on Monday, 7 December 2020. All eligible users are allowed to vote. Users with alternate accounts may only vote once.

The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors, primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the authority to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

If you wish to participate in the 2020 election, please review the candidates and submit your choices on the voting page. If you no longer wish to receive these messages, you may add ((NoACEMM)) to your user talk page. MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 01:30, 24 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Request for rollback permission[edit]

I have been editing for about a year with around 7000 edits. Although I've become interested in combating vandalism recently, I have handled disruptive edits and vandalism edits using the rollback feature of WP:TWINKLE, warned users on the talk pages, made two successful reports at the WP:AIV, a handful at WP:UAA, and also filed reports WP:SPI. I would like to request the rollback permission to fight vandalism faster using WP:HUGGLE. Thank you for your consideration. --Ashleyyoursmile! 17:32, 18 December 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Hi Ashley! I see there was a recently declined request here. I recommended waiting a full 60 days to make another request, which you can either do here, or at WP:PERM/R. Thanks, N.J.A. | talk 11:52, 19 December 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Yo Ho Ho[edit]

Merry Christmas![edit]

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2021!

Hello NJA, may you be surrounded by peace, success and happiness on this seasonal occasion. Spread the WikiLove by wishing another user a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, whether it be someone you have had disagreements with in the past, a good friend, or just some random person. Sending you heartfelt and warm greetings for Christmas and New Year 2021.
Happy editing,

Fylindfotberserk (talk) 15:31, 25 December 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Spread the love by adding ((subst:Seasonal Greetings)) to other user talk pages.


Sorry for this ... fat fingred rollback when trying to remove a page from my watchlist. Kpgjhpjm 14:14, 11 January 2021 (UTC)[reply]

That’s okay, things happen! Thanks for the note, N.J.A. | talk 14:31, 11 January 2021 (UTC)[reply]


Can user:Germag221331 please be blocked ASAP. CLCStudent (talk) 13:59, 7 February 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Good article drive notice[edit]

This message has been sent to users signed up for the Good articles newsletter. Add or remove your name from the list to subscribe or unsubscribe from future updates. Alternatively, to opt-out of all massmessage mailings, you may add Category:Wikipedians who opt out of message delivery to your user talk page.

-- For the drive co-ordinators, MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 15:27, 21 February 2021 (UTC)[reply]


NJA, I'll just mention that User:Swankyswanny had not edited after my personalized warning, so I'm not sure why you thought they needed to be blocked. Bishonen | tålk 16:02, 28 February 2021 (UTC).[reply]

Thanks for the note. I had noticed that afterwards (I didn’t study the time stamps in great detail), however I still thought the block is good. Not feeling encouraged they’re anything except a VOA. Thoughts? N.J.A. | talk 16:38, 28 February 2021 (UTC)[reply]
It doesn't seem likely they'd become a constructive editor but, well, the account wasn't as nasty as the others (probably their friends), so I figured I'd make a distinction and maybe lure them away from the bad company. Never mind, all good. Bishonen | tålk 16:45, 28 February 2021 (UTC).[reply]

Reincarnations of a user you blocked[edit]


- In January 2020 you blocked the disruptive user "Favoritismo": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Favoritismo

- He later returned as "Rallyismo": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Rallyismo

- And as "FlamingSkateBoard": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:FlamingSkateBoard

- He later returned as "CrabsPlankqon": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:CrabsPlankqon/sandbox2

- He has recently reappeared as "QutanRawr": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:QutanRawr

- And as "EggYolkLol": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:EggYolkLol — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 14:57, 22 March 2021 (UTC)[reply]

He clutters Wikipedia with these unuseful userpages filled with false information copied and distorted from the actual articles, and occasionally vandalizes articles. I think that all these accounts should be blocked and all the userpages he created should be deleted.-- (talk) 20:03, 16 March 2021 (UTC)[reply]

ArbCom 2021 Elections voter message[edit]

Hello! Voting in the 2021 Arbitration Committee elections is now open until 23:59 (UTC) on Monday, 6 December 2021. All eligible users are allowed to vote. Users with alternate accounts may only vote once.

The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors, primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the authority to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

If you wish to participate in the 2021 election, please review the candidates and submit your choices on the voting page. If you no longer wish to receive these messages, you may add ((NoACEMM)) to your user talk page. MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 00:10, 23 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Administrators will no longer be autopatrolled[edit]

A recently closed Request for Comment (RFC) reached consensus to remove Autopatrolled from the administrator user group. You may, similarly as with Edit Filter Manager, choose to self-assign this permission to yourself. This will be implemented the week of December 13th, but if you wish to self-assign you may do so now. To find out when the change has gone live or if you have any questions please visit the Administrator's Noticeboard. 20:06, 7 December 2021 (UTC)

Bots Newsletter, December 2021[edit]

Bots Newsletter, December 2021
BRFA activity by month

Welcome to the eighth issue of the English Wikipedia's Bots Newsletter, your source for all things bot. Maintainers disappeared to parts unknown... bots awakening from the slumber of æons... hundreds of thousands of short descriptions... these stories, and more, are brought to you by Wikipedia's most distinguished newsletter about bots.

Our last issue was in August 2019, so there's quite a bit of catching up to do. Due to the vast quantity of things that have happened, the next few issues will only cover a few months at a time. This month, we'll go from September 2019 through the end of the year. I won't bore you with further introductions — instead, I'll bore you with a newsletter about bots.


  • Between September and December 2019, there were 33 BRFAs. Of these, Green checkmarkY 25 were approved, and 8 were unsuccessful (Dark red X symbolN2 3 denied, Blue question mark? 3 withdrawn, and Expired 2 expired).

September 2019

Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!
  • Green checkmarkY Monkbot 16, DannyS712 bot 60, Ahechtbot 6, PearBOT 3, Qbugbot 3 · Dark red X symbolN2 DannyS712 bot 5, PkbwcgsBot 24 · Blue question mark? DannyS712 bot 61, TheSandBot 4
  • TParis goes away, UTRSBot goes kaput: Beeblebrox noted that the bot for maintaining on-wiki records of UTRS appeals stopped working a while ago. TParis, the semi-retired user who had previously run it, said they were "unlikely to return to actively editing Wikipedia", and the bot had been vanquished by trolls submitting bogus UTRS requests on behalf of real blocked users. While OAuth was a potential fix, neither maintainer had time to implement it. TParis offered to access to the UTRS WMFLabs account to any admin identified with the WMF: "I miss you guys a whole lot [...] but I've also moved on with my life. Good luck, let me know how I can help". Ultimately, SQL ended up in charge. Some progress was made, and the bot continued to work another couple months — but as of press time, UTRSBot has not edited since November 2019.
  • Article-measuring contest resumed: The list of Wikipedians by article count, which had lain dead for several years, was triumphantly resurrected by GreenC following a bot request.

October 2019

November 2019

Now you're thinking with portals.

December 2019

In the next issue of Bots Newsletter:
What's next for our intrepid band of coders, maintainers and approvers?

  • What happens when two bots want to clerk the same page?
  • What happens when an adminbot goes hog wild?
  • Will reFill ever get fixed?
  • What's up with ListeriaBot, anyway?
  • Python 3.4 deprecation? In my PyWikiBot? (It's more likely than you think!)

These questions will be answered — and new questions raised — by the January 2022 Bots Newsletter. Tune in, or miss out!

Signing off... jp×g 04:29, 10 December 2021 (UTC)[reply]

(You can subscribe or unsubscribe from future newsletters by adding or removing your name from this list.)

How we will see unregistered users[edit]


You get this message because you are an admin on a Wikimedia wiki.

When someone edits a Wikimedia wiki without being logged in today, we show their IP address. As you may already know, we will not be able to do this in the future. This is a decision by the Wikimedia Foundation Legal department, because norms and regulations for privacy online have changed.

Instead of the IP we will show a masked identity. You as an admin will still be able to access the IP. There will also be a new user right for those who need to see the full IPs of unregistered users to fight vandalism, harassment and spam without being admins. Patrollers will also see part of the IP even without this user right. We are also working on better tools to help.

If you have not seen it before, you can read more on Meta. If you want to make sure you don’t miss technical changes on the Wikimedia wikis, you can subscribe to the weekly technical newsletter.

We have two suggested ways this identity could work. We would appreciate your feedback on which way you think would work best for you and your wiki, now and in the future. You can let us know on the talk page. You can write in your language. The suggestions were posted in October and we will decide after 17 January.

Thank you. /Johan (WMF)

18:13, 4 January 2022 (UTC)

Bots Newsletter, January 2022[edit]

Bots Newsletter, January 2022
BRFA activity by month

Welcome to the ninth issue of the English Wikipedia's Bots Newsletter, your source for all things bot. Vicious bot-on-bot edit warring... superseded tasks... policy proposals... these stories, and more, are brought to you by Wikipedia's most distinguished newsletter about bots.

After a long hiatus between August 2019 and December 2021, there's quite a bit of ground to cover. Due to the vastness, I decided in December to split the coverage up into a few installments that covered six months each. Some people thought this was a good idea, since covering an entire year in a single issue would make it unmanageably large. Others thought this was stupid, since they were getting talk page messages about crap from almost three years ago. Ultimately, the question of whether each issue covers six months or a year is only relevant for a couple more of them, and then the problem will be behind us forever.

Of course, you can also look on the bright side – we are making progress, and this issue will only be about crap from almost two years ago. Today we will pick up where we left off in December, and go through the first half of 2020.

In the first half of 2020, there were 71 BRFAs. Of these, Green checkmarkY 59 were approved, and 12 were unsuccessful (with Dark red X symbolN2 8 denied, Blue question mark? 2 withdrawn, and Expired 2 expired).

January 2020

A python
A python
A python
0.4 pythons
Yeah, you're not gonna be able to get away with this anymore.

February 2020

Speaking of WikiProject Molecular Biology, Listeria went wild in February

March 2020

April 2020

Listeria being examined

Issues and enquiries are typically expected to be handled on the English Wikipedia. Pages reachable via unified login, like a talk page at Commons or at Italian Wikipedia could also be acceptable [...] External sites like Phabricator or GitHub (which require separate registration or do not allow for IP comments) and email (which can compromise anonymity) can supplement on-wiki communication, but do not replace it.

May 2020

We heard you like bots, so we made a bot that reports the status of your bots, so now you can use bots while you use bots

June 2020

A partial block averted at the eleventh hour for the robot that makes Legos


  • What's next for our intrepid band of coders, maintainers and approvers?
  • Will Citation bot ever be set free to roam the project?
  • What's the deal with all those book links that InternetArchiveBot is adding to articles?
  • Should we keep using Gerrit for MediaWiki?
  • What if we had a day for bots to make cosmetic edits?

These questions will be answered — and new questions raised — by the February 2022 Bots Newsletter. Tune in, or miss out!

Signing off... jp×g 23:22, 31 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

(You can subscribe or unsubscribe from future newsletters by adding or removing your name from this list.)

New administrator activity requirement[edit]

The administrator policy has been updated with new activity requirements following a successful Request for Comment.

Beginning January 1, 2023, administrators who meet one or both of the following criteria may be desysopped for inactivity if they have:

  1. Made neither edits nor administrative actions for at least a 12-month period OR
  2. Made fewer than 100 edits over a 60-month period

Administrators at risk for being desysopped under these criteria will continue to be notified ahead of time. Thank you for your continued work.

22:53, 15 April 2022 (UTC)

ArbCom 2022 Elections voter message[edit]

Hello! Voting in the 2022 Arbitration Committee elections is now open until 23:59 (UTC) on Monday, 12 December 2022. All eligible users are allowed to vote. Users with alternate accounts may only vote once.

The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors, primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the authority to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

If you wish to participate in the 2022 election, please review the candidates and submit your choices on the voting page. If you no longer wish to receive these messages, you may add ((NoACEMM)) to your user talk page. MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 00:24, 29 November 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Seasons Greetings[edit]

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, whether it's Christmas or some other festival, I hope you and those close to you have a happy, restful time! Have fun, Donner60 (talk) 00:16, 23 December 2022 (UTC))) [reply]

Donner60 (talk) 04:32, 24 December 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Request for Rollback rights[edit]

Hello there NJA

I saw that yo were in the list of dmins wlling o grant rollback rights. I am an extended cofirmed user withh abut 200 mainspace edits. I have experiene with reverting vandalism as a RCP, and I wish to advance that further into using the rollback tool to patrol recent changes. I hope you consider me for this user right. --Justyouraveragelechuga talk contribs 13:29, 7 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Hi NJA, a bit of forum shopping is going on. Daniel (talk) 16:54, 7 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]
Figured as much. Thanks. Happy New Year :) N.J.A. | talk 21:26, 7 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]

ArbCom 2023 Elections voter message[edit]

Hello! Voting in the 2023 Arbitration Committee elections is now open until 23:59 (UTC) on Monday, 11 December 2023. All eligible users are allowed to vote. Users with alternate accounts may only vote once.

The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors, primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the authority to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

If you wish to participate in the 2023 election, please review the candidates and submit your choices on the voting page. If you no longer wish to receive these messages, you may add ((NoACEMM)) to your user talk page. MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 00:25, 28 November 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Protection of Wikipedia:Notability (organizations and companies)[edit]

Hi @NJA, I noticed that you indefinitely semi-protected Wikipedia:Notability (organizations and companies) 15 years and one day ago with the rationale Highly visible template. I'm not seeing any evidence of "heavy and persistent vandalism" (per WP:SEMI) in the page history. Would you consider unprotecting the page? voorts (talk/contributions) 22:03, 5 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Hi @Voorts, done! :) N.J.A. | talk 02:15, 6 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks! voorts (talk/contributions) 20:28, 6 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]