Foldable 8,5×15" Vageeswari Camera [1]
Foldable 8,5×15" Vageeswari Camera [1]

Vageeswari cameras were large format cameras made in India. These were once known as one of the best field cameras in the world.[2][dubious ]


Vageeswari cameras were designed and manufactured by K. Karunakaran, an Alappuzha-based technician.[3]

Karunakaran's father Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar, a part-time musician, earned his livelihood by designing and repairing music instruments such as Veena, harmonium, violin etc. Karunakaran used to help his father in his workshop that helped him gain a practical idea of the concepts of physics.


The frame of Vageeswari cameras was made of teak with brass clips and screws. The lens was imported from Germany.[citation needed]

The first camera came with a price tag of Rs 250. Eight variants were produced that included small cameras that were used to make a maximum of four passport-size photos .

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