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The Valley of the Pharaohs
Role Playing Adventure in Ancient Egypt
Cover of The Valley of the Pharaohs boxed game set, art design by Kevin Siembieda
DesignersMatthew Balent
IllustratorsKevin Siembieda,
Mary Walsh
PublishersPalladium Books
PublicationSeptember 1983 (1983-09)
Years active1983–1985
GenresHistorical fantasy

The Valley of the Pharaohs is a role-playing game written by Matthew Balent and published by Palladium Books in September 1983. Released several years before Palladium established the Megaversal system, uniting all of its game lines under a single ruleset, the mechanics of Valley of the Pharaohs differ in many respects from the one currently used in Palladium role-playing games. It has been out of print for more than 30 years.


The boxed game set featured: