Mount Vardousia with the peak of Korakas, seen from the west
Highest point
Elevation2,495 m (8,186 ft)[1]
Coordinates38°40′52″N 22°08′33″E / 38.68111°N 22.14250°E / 38.68111; 22.14250
PronunciationGreek: [varˈðusia]
Vardousia is located in Greece

Vardousia (Greek: Βαρδούσια) is a mountain in northwestern Phocis and southwestern Phthiotis, Greece. Its highest peak, Korakas (Greek: Κόρακας; also known as Korax) reaches 2,495 m (8,186 ft) above sea level,[1] making it the second-tallest summit in Central Greece after Giona. It is a southern extension of the Pindus mountains. It is divided into three main parts: Northern Vardousia, whose highest peak is Sinani at 2,059 metres (6,755 feet), the very steep Western Vardousia, whose highest peak is Soufles at 2,300 metres (7,500 feet), and Southern Vardousia, with the highest peak of Korakas. The whole range measures about 25 kilometres (16 miles) from north to south.

The Vardousia is drained by tributaries of the river Spercheios to the north, the Mornos to the east and south, and the Evinos to the west. The Panaitoliko mountains are to the west, Tymfristos to the northwest, Oeta to the east and Giona to the southeast.

The municipal unit Vardousia, named after the mountain, covers the western part of the mountain, and includes the villages Artotina and Dichori. The municipal unit Lidoriki covers the southern part, and includes the villages Dafnos, Diakopi, Kallio and Koniakos. The village Athanasios Diakos lies in the east, and Anatoli and Dafni in the north.