Veer Dam
Veer Dam
Veer Dam is located in Maharashtra
Veer Dam
Location of Veer Dam in Maharashtra
Official nameVeer Dam
Coordinates18°13′00″N 74°07′00″E / 18.21667°N 74.11667°E / 18.21667; 74.11667
Opening date1965
Owner(s)Government of Maharashtra
Dam and spillways
Type of damRubble-concrete dam
ImpoundsNira River
Total capacity266 million m3
Power Station
Installed capacity9 MW (2 x 4.5 MW)

The Veer Dam is one of the important dams in Maharashtra, India. It is a rubble-concrete dam constructed on Nira River. It is located in near Shirwal, Satara district. The water is mainly used for irrigation and farming. The dam is located around 70 km from Pune. This place offers a good stretch of 7–8 km along the river Nira. This entire belt along the river is extremely rich with Avifauna.[1]


The main purpose of the dam is hydroelectricity with some irrigation in neighboring areas. It is at the border of Pune district and Satara district. Veer Dam has now become a key bird-watching spot around Pune. This includes the Bar-headed Geese & Demoiselle Cranes. There are over 170 different species of birds at Veer Dam. Also there are waders, raptors as well as flycatchers in and around Veer Dam.[2]

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