Type 123
Vickers 123.jpg
Vickers 123
Role Single-seat fighter
National origin United Kingdom
Manufacturer Vickers Limited
First flight 11 September 1926
Retired 1930
Status Scrapped
Number built 1
Vickers 141
Vickers 141

The Vickers Type 123 was a 1920s British single-seat biplane fighter designed and built by Vickers Limited as a private venture.[1] The only Type 123 was later modified into the Type 141 but, not winning any orders, it was scrapped in 1930.[1]

Design and development

The Type 123 was a conventional biplane powered by a 400 hp (298 kW) Hispano-Suiza T52 (Hispano 12 Jb) engine, built at Weybridge Aerodrome in 1926. It was registered as G-EBNQ in February 1926[2] and first flew on 11 September 1926.[1] In 1927 it had a 480 hp (358 kW) Rolls-Royce F.XI engine fitted and was redesignated Type 141.[1] It competed unsuccessfully in an Air Ministry fighter procurement competition in January 1928.[1] It was then modified as a fleet fighter to meet Specification 21/26 and carried out trials on HMS Furious in June 1929.[1] Without winning any orders the aircraft was scrapped in 1930.[1]

Specifications (Type 123)

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General characteristics




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