Rosemary Victoria Schofield is a British author, biographer, and historian.[1] Her most recent books are a memoir of her thirty year friendship with Benazir Bhutto,[2][3] a two volume history of the Black Watch[4][5] and a biography of Sir John Wheeler-Bennett.[6] She also wrote the first full-length biography of Field Marshal Archibald Wavell[7][8] and edited a memoir of his life and naval career by her late father Vice Admiral B.B.Schofield.[9] She regularly contributes to British national and specialist media.[10]

Life and career

Victoria Schofield was educated at the Royal Naval School for Girls, and at Lady Margaret Hall (LMH) of Oxford University, from which she holds a degree in Modern History. At LMH she was a close friend of Benazir Bhutto, whom she succeeded as President of the Oxford Union Society.[11] She was the visiting Alistair Horne Fellow at St Antony's College, University of Oxford in 2004-2005.[12]

Schofield is married to Stephen Willis and has three adult children.[11]

Published works


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