Video Trek 88
VideoTrek88 title.png
Developer(s)Windmill Software
Publisher(s)Windmill Software
SeriesStar Trek

Video Trek 88 is a computer game developed and published by Windmill Software in 1982, based on the earlier Star Trek text game. As opposed to the mainframe version, both the galactic chart and the local map are displayed side by side.

A game in progress
A game in progress

The game is suitable for monochrome or color adapters, but is best viewed in monochrome.[1] It was one of Windmill Software's earliest games, written in the BASIC programming language (specifically, BASICA) and requires an interpreter such as GW-BASIC to be executed.[2]


  1. ^ "Video Trek 88". Microcomputing. Wayne Green, Inc. (1–6): 14. 1983. Video Trek 88. from Windmill Software ($34.95), is a real-time implementation of Star Trek, and it is suitable for the monochrome or color adapter (it is better in monochrome)
  2. ^ Andrew Jenner. "Downloads". Retrieved 2010-01-21. Video Trek 88 (65K), the earliest of Windmill Software's games. It is written in BASIC (the .BAS files and .TXT files listing the program code are included in the archive). To run it, you will need a BASIC interpreter such as GWBASIC or BASICA (56K).