The Vietnamese football league system contains two professional leagues, a semi-professional league and an amateur league for Vietnamese football clubs.

System by period

Season Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Before Vietnam unification North Vietnam V-League South Vietnam V-League
1975-1979 North Vietnam V-League (Hồng Hà) Central Vietnam V-League (Trường Sơn) South Vietnam V-League (Cửu Long)
1980-1989 A1 League A2 League
1990-1996 Powerhouses' League A1 League A2 League
1997-2000 First Division Second Division Third Division
2000-2001 V-League
2001-2012 First Division Second Division Third Division
2012 Super League First Division
2013- V.League 1 V.League 2

Current system

* As of 2022 season


League / Division


V.League 1
(Night Wolf V.League 1)
13 clubs - 1 relegation


V.League 2
(LS V.League 2)
12 clubs - 2 promotion, 1 relegation


Second Division
(Asanzo Second Division)
14 clubs, split into 2 groups – 2 promotion, 1 relegation


Third Division
8 clubs - 1 or 2 promotion

Cup eligibility

Domestic cups

All V.League 1 and V.League 2 sides qualify for the Vietnamese Cup tournament.

Super Cup

The Super Cup is the first game of the season, played between the previous years' winners of the V.League 1 and Vietnamese Cup. If the same team wins both tournaments, then the team finishing second in the previous years' V.League 1 take on the V.League 1 winners.

Continental competition

For the 2021 season, one Vietnamese side, the team finishing top of V.League 1, qualifies automatically for the AFC Champions League Group Stage. The team finishing second in the V.League 1, and the winner of the Vietnamese Cup qualify for the AFC Cup Group Stage.

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