Kharedi-virpur state
Princely State
16th century–1948
• 1921
171 km2 (66 sq mi)
• 1921
• Established
16th century
Succeeded by

Kharedi-Virpur[1] was a third class princely state in British India under Kathiawar Agency. It was ruled by Jadeja Rajput chiefs descended from the Nawanagar ruling family.

The state consisted of 13 villages covering an area of 171 square kilometres (66 sq mi) and with Virpur as its headquarters.[2] Kharedi was a seat of rulers before the capital was shifted to Virpur. The state was known as Kharedi-Virpur. The town of Kalavad also was part of Kharedi-Virpur State.[3]


The house was founded in the later half of the 16th century by the Jadeja chief Bhanji Vibhaji, who subdued Kathis in the area and founded state of Virpur(RIP Jahh).[4] Bhanji was son of Vibhaji Ravalji, the ruler of Nawanagar State, the 2nd Jam Sahib of Nawanagar who ruled Nawanagar from 1562 - 1569.[5][3] The ruler's titled was Thakore Saheb. The last ruler was Shri Thakore Saheb Narendrasinhji Dilipsinhji jadeja of Virpur before Independence.

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