Vivid Entertainment
Company typePrivate
Founded1984; 40 years ago (1984)
FounderSteven Hirsch
David James
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, U.S.
ProductsPornographic films
WebsiteOfficial website Edit this at Wikidata

Vivid Entertainment Group is an American pornographic film production company,[1][2] featuring internet content.


Vivid Entertainment is privately owned by Americans Steven Hirsch and Bill Asher, and Welshman David James.[3][4]

In 2006, Vivid Entertainment was described by Reuters as one of the handful of studios that dominate the U.S. porn industry.[5] It is based in Los Angeles, California. Founder Steven Hirsch is co-chairman, along with Bill Asher, who is also a co-owner.[6]

In February 2006, Vivid changed its condom-only policy to a condom-optional policy that lets performers decide whether to use them.[7][8] In October 2010, Vivid stopped production as a precaution when an actor tested positive for HIV.[9] An October 2012 open letter, from Steven Hirsch, took aim at a Los Angeles County plan that would require performers to wear condoms on set. Hirsch said the proposal would be costly and ineffective and was an example of unnecessary government intrusion into private bedrooms.[10]

Divisions and ventures

List of Vivid Girls

Sunny Leone

The following is a list of notable Vivid actresses (known as "Vivid Girls") during the first thirty years of Vivid.[15] The most recent Vivid Girl, Allie Haze, terminated her contract with Vivid in 2012.[16]

Legal controversy

On December 6, 2007, Vivid Entertainment filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against PornoTube.[19][20] The lawsuit alleged that the YouTube-like site profits from the illegal posting of Vivid's copyrighted films, and failed to comply with the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act, a federal age-verification and record-keeping law that applies to the adult film industry.[21] The case was settled out of court.[22]

Awards and recognition


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