Vlchek Tool Company
SuccessorPendleton Tool Industries Co.
Headquarters3001 East 87th Street, Cleveland, Ohio
Key people
Frank J. Vlchek
ProductsHand tools

Vlchek Tool Company was a hand tool manufacturer. Vlchek originally made and sharpened tools for stonecutters and masons, and later made tools for automobiles and for agriculture machinery.

Vlchek Tool Company was founded as a blacksmith shop in 1894 in Cleveland, Ohio by Frank J. Vlchek.[1] It was incorporated in 1909.[1]

In 1958 Pendleton Tool Industries Co. bought the Vlchek Tool Company.[2] In 1964 Pendleton itself merged with Ingersoll-Rand. In 1969 Ingersoll closed Vlchek's plant on East 87th Street in Cleveland.

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