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Velar tap

The voiced velar tap is a type of consonantal sound, reported to occur in some spoken languages. There is no dedicated symbol for this sound in the IPA. As it is a very brief g-like sound, it can be specified by adding a 'short' diacritic to the letter for the voiced velar plosive, ⟨ɡ̆⟩.

The velar tap is not known to exist as a phoneme in any language. It has been reported to occur allophonically in some of the Nuristani languages and in Dàgáárè, though at least in the latter case this may in fact be a voiced palatal tap.[1]


Features of the voiced velar tap or flap:


Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Dàgáárè[1][2] pɔgɔ [pɔ́ɡ̆ɔ́] woman Intervocalic allophone of /ɡ/.[1]
Kamkata-viri[3] Kamviri dialect ṭlak′a ṭlaka [ʈꞎəˈɡ̆ə ʈꞎəɡ̆ə] rattle Intervocalic allophone of /k/.[3]


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