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Vradyni logo.png
TypeWeekly newspaper
Owner(s)"Entypoekdotiki SA"
Founded1923 (1923) [1]
Political alignmentLiberal Conservative, Pro-New Democracy
Headquarters166 Ionias Ave., Kato Patisia 11144
WebsiteOfficial website

I Vradyni, or simply Vradyni (Greek: Η Βραδυνή), is an Athens-based nationally published weekly Greek newspaper. It has a liberal approach to the economy and is a traditional right-wing political orientation. The newspaper is published by Entypoekdotiki [2]

Political interactions

In 1973, Vradyni published an open letter by former Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis calling for the military regime to restore power to King Constantine, with the result that the Greek judiciary issued warrants for the paper's publisher and editor.[3] On 2 December 1973, the paper was shut down by the Greek military police for publishing an article critical of the then-government's lack of action on re-establishing parliamentary rule.[4]


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