Vreme cover, 25 January 1997
Editor-in-chiefDragoljub Žarković
CategoriesNews magazine
First issueOctober 29, 1990
Based inBelgrade

Vreme (Serbian for Time) is a weekly news magazine based in Belgrade, Serbia.



In 1990, dissatisfied with the media climate in SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia's largest constituent unit, a group of liberal Serbian intellectuals, including prominent lawyer Srđa Popović, decided to start a weekly newsmagazine. Following a seven-month preparation throughout the year, Vreme was launched with its first issue coming out on 29 October 1990,[1] little over a month before the 1990 general election in SR Serbia as the entire country of SFR Yugoslavia was transforming its governance from a one-party system under the Yugoslav Communist League (SKJ) to a multi-party one.

Most Vreme's original staff were journalists from Politika and NIN. It characterizes itself as "a magazine without lies, hatred, or prejudice" and has opposed nationalistic mobilization for the Yugoslav wars.[2][3] It is modeled after its U.S. counterparts Time and Newsweek.

In 1993, 30,000 copies were produced weekly with a quarter of its sales abroad. Vreme has established a reputation as one of the most reliable media sources of the former Yugoslavia and its writers have been largely cited by international media.[2][4]

Vreme has started a number of supplements such as Vreme novca (Time of Money), Vreme zabave (Time for Fun), and has become a publishing house. The newspaper has an international edition called Vreme International, which is mainly targeted at the Serbian diaspora in Europe.

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