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The WTA Tier IV tournaments were Women's Tennis Association fourth-level tournaments held from 1990 until the end of the 2008 season. The line-up of events varied over the years, with tournaments being promoted, demoted or cancelled. Some of the tournaments became Tier V events between 1990 and 1992, and later from 2001 to 2005, before being integrated back into Tier IV.[1]

From 2009 WTA Tour, WTA changed the tournament categories, so that most of the Tier III and Tier IV tournaments from 2008 were in one category, WTA International tournaments.


Tournament Also known as City(s) Country A Court surface Tier IV in Years
Puerto Rico Open Honda Classic San Juan (1991–1993)
Dorado (1990)
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, USA Hard 1990–1993 4
Kansas Avon Championships of Kansas Wichita, KS United States United States Hard 1990 1
Albuquerque Virginia Slims of Albuquerque Albuquerque, NM United States United States Hard 1990–1991 2
Nashville Virginia Slims of Nashville Nashville, TN United States United States Hard 1990–1991 2
Birmingham Classic Aegon Classic Birmingham United Kingdom United Kingdom Grass 1990–1992 3
Brisbane International Danone Hardcourt Championships Brisbane Australia Australia Hard 1990–1992 3
Swiss Open European Open Geneva (1990–1991)
Lucerne (1992)
Switzerland Switzerland Clay 1990–1992 3
Indianapolis Virginia Slims of Indianapolis Indianapolis United States United States Hard 1990–1992 3
Memphis Virginia Slims of Oklahoma Memphis, TN United States United States Hard 1990–1992 3
Paris Clarins Open Paris France France Clay 1990–1992 3
Strasbourg Internationaux de Strasbourg Strasbourg France France Clay 1990–1992 3
Tokyo Suntory Japan Open Tokyo Japan Japan Hard 1990–1992 3
Bayonne Whirlpool Open Bayonne France France Carpet (i) 1991–1992 2
Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Women's Open Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Malaysia Hard (i) 1992–1993 2
Taipei P&G Taiwan Women's Open Taipei Taiwan Taiwan Hard 1992–1994 3


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