Launch Area 3
Scout X-1 with Explorer 9 Feb 16 1961 2.JPG
Launch of a Scout X-1 from the original LA-3
Launch siteWallops Flight Facility
Location37°51′02″N 75°28′21″W / 37.8506°N 75.4725°W / 37.8506; -75.4725
Short nameLA-3
Total launches45
Launch pad(s)Two
LA-3 (Mk.I) launch history
First launch1960-04-18
Last launch1970-03-07
Scout X
Scout X-1
Scout X-1A
Scout X-2
Scout X-3
Scout X-3A
Scout X-4
Scout X-4A
LA-3A (Mk.II) launch history
First launch1964-07-20
Last launch1985-12-13
Scout X-3C
Scout X-4
Scout X-4A
Scout X-5C
Scout B
Scout B-1
Scout D-1
Scout G-1

Launch Area 3 (LA-3) at the Wallops Flight Facility is a launch complex which was used, mostly by Scout rockets, between 1960 and 1985. Forty-one Scout launches occurred from the complex, making both orbital and suborbital. In addition, four Nike sounding rockets were launched from the complex in 1970.

Launch Area 3 contains two launch pads, Area 3 and Area 3A. Area 3, also known as the Mk.I launcher, was used by eighteen Scout rockets between 1960 and 1964. The first launch from the complex, on 18 April 1960, was the maiden flight of the Scout launch vehicle, using the Scout X configuration. The last Scout launch from the pad occurred on 6 November 1964. On 7 March 1970, a Nike-Apache and four Nike-Iroquois rockets were launched from the complex.

The upgraded Launch Area 3A, or Mk.II launcher, replaced the original Launch Area 3. It was used for twenty-three Scout launches, starting on 20 July 1964. The last launch from the complex occurred on 13 December 1985.

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