The Waluwara were an indigenous Australian people of the state of Queensland.


The ethnonym of the people comes from the name for their language, Warluwarra,[1] which is classified as one of the Ngarna languages.


In Norman Tindale's schema, the Waluwara are assigned tribal lands of 7,100 square miles (18,000 km2). They were on the Georgina River, northwards from Roxborough Downs to Carandotta and Urandangi. Their territory took in Moonah Creek and the area in the vicinity of Rochedale. Their southwestern frontier was around Pituri Creek.[1]

Social organization

The Waluwara were composed of several hordes of which the following are known:-

Foreign impressions

J. G. Edge, reporting on some words in their language, thought the Waluwara 'poor specimens of the dark race', citing as an illustration of their backwardness a lack of knowledge of the sea.[2] He was also under the impression that native lore attributed the rites of subincision in their Miki ceremony of initiation as originating in a lack of water sufficient to provide enough food to sustain their numerous children, so that a ceremony of emasculation was established.[3]

Alternative names



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