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Wankaner State
Princely State
1807–15 August 1947
Flag of Wankaner
Coat of arms of Wankaner
Coat of arms

Location of Wankaner State in Saurashtra
• 1931
1,075 km2 (415 sq mi)
• 1931
• Established
• British seizuranity ended
15 August 1947
Succeeded by
Wankaner Palace, built by Maharaja Amarsinhji in the 20th century.

Wankaner State was one of the princely states of India in the historical Halar region of Kathiawar during the period of the British Raj. It was an eleven gun salute state belonging to the Kathiawar Agency of the Bombay Presidency. Its capital was in Wankaner, located in Rajkot district, Gujarat state. Most of the territory of the state was mountainous.[citation needed]


Wankaner State was founded in 1620 by Raj Sartanji, son of Prathirajji, eldest son of Raj Chandrasinghji of Halvad (1584–1628).[citation needed]

In 1807 Wankaner State became a British protectorate when Maharana Raj Sahib Chandrasinhji II Kesarisinhji signed a treaty with the British. In 1862 the ruler of the state received a sanad giving the monarch authorization to adopt an heir. The ruler acceded to the Indian Union on 15 February 1948.[citation needed]

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