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"War of the Green Lanterns"
War of the Green Lanterns cover art.jpg
Cover art for Green Lantern (vol. 4) #64, which served as Part 1 of the storyline.
PublisherDC Comics
Publication dateMarch – August 2011
Green Lantern (vol. 4) #63 (prologue) and #64-67
Green Lantern Corps (vol. 2) #58-60
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7-10
Main character(s)Hal Jordan
Guy Gardner
John Stewart
Kyle Rayner
Creative team
Writer(s)Geoff Johns
Tony Bedard
Peter Tomasi
Artist(s)Doug Mahnke
Tyler Kirkham
Fernando Pasarin
Green Lantern: War of the Green LanternsISBN 1-4012-3234-5

"War of the Green Lanterns" is a 2011 ten-issue American comic book crossover storyline published by DC Comics that spans the Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors series. It was written by each series' writer, Geoff Johns, Tony Bedard, and Peter Tomasi respectively, and drawn by Doug Mahnke, Tyler Kirkham, and Fernando Pasarin.

The story focuses on the human Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, alien Green Lantern Kilowog, and Guardian of the Universe Ganthet as they face off against their mind-controlled fellow Green Lanterns and stop the renegade Guardian Krona from taking over the universe.

Publication history

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The story arc's run was between March and June 2011, starting with a prologue in Green Lantern (vol. 4) #63 and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7 and continuing into Green Lantern (vol. 4) #64-67 and across Green Lantern Corps (vol. 2) #58-60 and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8-10. The storyline consisted of the following ten parts, not including a prologue and an epilogue:

A two-issue miniseries following the events of "War of the Green Lanterns", titled War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath,[1] was published and ran in summer 2011 in place of the Green Lantern main series.

Plot synopsis

While pursuing the renegade Guardian Krona, Hal Jordan, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Sinestro, Saint Walker, Indigo-1 and Carol Ferris come across The Book of the Black. Suddenly Lyssa Drak appears and starts pulling them into the book. Jordan escapes and the book teleports away, leaving behind only the rings of its captives. On Oa, Parallax climbs into the Central Power Battery and broadcasts out to all of the Green Lanterns the message "Impurity Restored". Hal is then attacked by a group of Green Lanterns and is forced to flee.[2] Meanwhile, Krona appears with the seven emotional entities in front of the Guardians of the Universe. The entities start possesing the Guardians.

John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Ganthet, Soranik Natu, the Alpha Lantern Boodikka and Hannu are on Oa when they get affected by Parallax. It takes more time for Kyle and John to feel it, but it eventually happens. Ganthet overloads his power ring to remove theirs, loosing his hand in the process. Freed from the yellow influence, they discover that the reason they have not been affected the same way is due to their previous encounters with Parallax. Off in the distance, A group of Green Lanterns form to look for them. Ganthet tells the others to run away. The two hide while he faces off against the Lanterns.[3]

While flying to Oa, Guy Gardner, Kilowog and Arisia also feel Parallax's influence. They see Arisia flying and try to restrain her, but she overpowers them. A group of Lanterns then starts attacking. Kilowog helps Guy escape, telling him to head to "the Green House". Guy tries to contact other members of the Corps, but only gets through to Hal Jordan. The two eventually meet up in the Green House. Still under the effects of the impurity, they begin to argue and fight. Fortunately, their fighting causes them to drain their rings of energy. They calm themselves down and put their differences aside.[4]

(Clockwise from the top) Kyle, John, Hal and Guy don the Blue, Indigo, Yellow and Red power rings.
(Clockwise from the top) Kyle, John, Hal and Guy don the Blue, Indigo, Yellow and Red power rings.

They travel back to Oa and meet up with Kyle and John. The group plans to go save Ganthet, but realizes that they are underpowered, until Hal reveals that he still has the rings of Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Sinestro, Saint Walker, Indigo-1 and Carol Ferris. Hal, Guy, John, and Kyle choose the Yellow, Red, Indigo and Blue rings respectively.[5] The corrupted Lanterns appear, and clear away to make way for the corrupted Mogo.[6]

Unable to stand against Mogo, the four Lanterns retreat. They escape into the caverns under Oa and find a facility full of weapons and devices made by the Guardians, as well as the foundry, where the Corps' batteries and rings are forged. John discovers there that Mogo is sending off hundreds of rings to space, in order to recruit new Green Lanterns. John and Kyle head off to stop it, while Hal and Guy go to the Central Battery. Once there, the two are subdued by the possessed Guardians.[7]

While holding the Book of the Black, Krona explains that the Guardians have spent so long being emotionless that they are not fit to protect the universe and begins to transform Hal and Guy into Guardians, while a subdued Ganthet watches.[8] Meanwhile, John and Kyle teleport to Mogo's core. Kyle creates a construct of Mogo's friend, Bzzd, in the hope of appealing to him. Black Lantern energy trapped in the planet's body destroys the construct. The energy comes from the Black Lanterns that Mogo abosorbed in the past. With no other way to stop the planet, John absorbs the Black Lantern energy and uses it to blow up Mogo's core, killing him.[9]

Mogo's death creates a psychic shockwave that allows Hal and Guy to escape from Krona's forces and re-group with John and Kyle. The five attack the Central Power Battery, to no avail. Trying again, Hal and Guy decide to wield the Orange Lantern and Star Sapphire rings respectively. More Green Lanterns start attacking. Everyone fends them off as Guy combins the power of love and rage to extract Parallax. The other Lanterns are freed and attack Parallax en masse. Kyle uses his ring to free Guy of his Red Lantern ring and the four heroes join the fight as Green Lanterns. Krona then arrives with the other Guardians and the two groups face off.[10]

During the fight, Kyle goes to The Book of the Black and draws a picture of its prisoners, freeing them in the process. Inspired by Hal's bravery and loyalty to the Corps' ideals, Sinestro decides to help, and a Green Lantern ring chooses him. With Sinestro's aid, Hal kills Krona, releasing the entities from the Guardians. Due to his 'rebellion' against them by working with the other ring-bearers, coupled with his recent murder of a Guardian, they now believe Hal to be the most dangerous Green Lantern. Despite Ganthet's attempt to defend him, they discharge him from the Corps, taking his ring and sending him back to Earth.[11]

Collected editions

The series has been collected in two individual volumes:


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