Warner Bros.-Seven Arts
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Jack Warner
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Warner Bros.-Seven Arts was formed in 1967 and became defunct in 1970, when Seven Arts Productions acquired Jack Warner's controlling interest in Warner Bros. for $32 million [1] and merged with it. The deal also included Warner Bros. Records, Reprise Records and the B&W Looney Tunes library (plus the first Merrie Melodie, Lady, Play Your Mandolin! and Finian's Rainbow). Later that same year, Warner Bros.-Seven Arts purchased Atlantic Records.


Head of production was Kenneth Hyman, son of Seven Arts co-founded Eliot Hyman.

Sale to Kinney

File:Looney Tunes-W7.jpg
Warner Brothers.- Seven Arts logo in Technicolor (as seen on cartoons of the time)

Warner Bros.-Seven Arts was acquired in 1969 by Kinney National Company, who proceeded to delete "Seven Arts" from the company name, reestablishing it as Warner Bros. Due to a financial scandal over its parking operations, Kinney National spun off its non-entertainment assets in 1971 (as National Kinney Corporation) and changed its name to Warner Communications Inc., which has since merged with Time, Inc. to form Time Warner.


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