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Three pairs of water shoes.
Three pairs of water shoes.

A water shoe is a type of footwear that is typically used for activities where the feet are likely to become wet, such as kayaking. Water shoes are usually made of mesh and have a hard sole used to prevent cuts and abrasions when walking in wet, rocky environments. They may often have tiny holes on the bottom or sides of the sole to allow for quick water drainage, which keeps helps the wearer's feet dry faster, keeps the shoe light, and prolongs the lifespan of the material. Additionally, most people do not wear socks with water shoes.


There are several types of water shoes based on the needs of the wearer, ranging from something that resembles a sock to footwear that can function as a sneaker or even a boot.


Water shoes are also used to protect people's feet in waters with sharp-rocked floors or zebra mussels, in which case their primary purpose is not to keep the wearer's feet dry. In some areas such as the Finger Lakes, wearing water shoes has become essential due to the infestation of sharp-edged mussels.[1]


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