The welterweight division in mixed martial arts contains different weight classes:

Ambiguity and clarification

Many other sports that use the welterweight class, such as boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai, define it as below about 147 lb (67 kg). The MMA welterweight class is therefore significantly heavier than the welterweight class of these other sports. For the sake of uniformity, many American mixed martial arts websites refer to competitors between 156 and 170 lb (71 and 77 kg) as welterweights. This encompasses the Shooto middleweight division (167 lb / 76 kg).

The welterweight limit, as defined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission[1] and the Association of Boxing Commissions[2] is 170 lb (77kg).

Professional Champions

Current champions

This table is not always up to date. Last updated March 19, 2023.

Organization Reign began Champion Record Defenses
UFC August 20, 2022 England Leon Edwards 22–3 (7KO 3SUB) 2
Bellator MMA November 17, 2023 Jamaica Jason Jackson 18–4 (6KO 3SUB) 0
ONE Championship November 19, 2022 United States Christian Lee 17–4 (12KO 4SUB) 0
Fight Nights Global April 6, 2019 Russia Dmitry Bikrev 12–3 (8KO 1SUB) 2
KSW April 22, 2023 Poland Adrian Bartosiński 14–0 (11KO 1SUB) 0
Titan FC March 15, 2019 United States Michael Graves 9–1 (4KO 2SUB) 1
ACA February 26, 2021 Russia Abubakar Vagaev 20–3 (4KO 1SUB) 0
Legacy Fighting Alliance TBA vacant TBA 0
Cage Warriors TBA vacant TBA 0

Most wins in Welterweight title bouts

Note: the list includes wins in bouts for welterweight titles of major promotions (UFC, Strikeforce, WEC, Bellator)
Note: the list includes both undisputed and interim champions
  Active title reign
Name Promotion Title bout wins
1. Canada Georges St-Pierre UFC 12
2. United States Matt Hughes UFC 9
3. United States Pat Miletich UFC 5
United States Ben Askren Bellator 5
United States Nick Diaz WEC, Strikeforce 5 (1 WEC, 4 Strikeforce)
United States Carlos Condit WEC, UFC 5 (4 WEC, 1 UFC)
Nigeria Kamaru Usman UFC 5
4. United States Tyron Woodley UFC 4(+1a)
5. Brazil Douglas Lima Bellator 3
United States Robbie Lawler UFC

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a.^ Fight was recorded as a "Majority Decision Draw". Woodley retained his title.


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