This is a list of user category discussions, including deletion reviews, from March 2007 through March 2010. Some individual sections have been updated with more recent discussions, but any listings of discussions after March 2010 should not be viewed as comprehensive.

This list is intended to be a resource for editors identifying past consensus and precedents regarding inclusion and deletion of user categories. Editors are cautioned to not draw conclusions based solely on the balance of "keep" and "delete" outcomes. The classification system used herein is an organizational device only, and is not a substitute for actually viewing the linked discussions.

This list excludes, with some exceptions, nominations that result in an outcome of "rename" (including "speedy rename"), "merge", or "speedy delete" under criterion G7 or criteiron C1. Such discussions tend to involve changes that are uncontroversial or that concern user category naming conventions, and therefore are not overly relevant to an evaluation of consensus regarding inclusion or deletion of certain types of categories.

Major discussions, defined as discussions that apply to an entire category tree and significantly affect consensus for certain types of user categories, are bolded and italicised. Discussions with outcomes that have been reversed, either through a subsequent discussion or via a deletion review, are crossed out.

Demographic information[edit]

Wikipedians by alma mater

See Category:Wikipedians by alma mater

Wikipedians by high school

Wikipedians by birth

See also: § Wikipedians by place of origin

Wikipedians by education

See Category:Wikipedians by education

Wikipedians by ethnicity and nationality

See Category:Wikipedians by ethnicity and nationality

Wikipedians by medical condition

Wikipedians by physical characteristic

Wikipedians by sexuality or gender identification

Wikipedians by location[edit]

See Category:Wikipedians by location

Wikipedians by place of origin

Wikipedians by place of residence

Wikipedians by language[edit]

See Category:Wikipedians by language

Wikipedians by 0-level language knowledge

Wikipedians by N-level language knowledge

Wikipedians by fictional or non-existent language

Wikipedians by non-ISO regional dialect

Wikipedians by programming language

See Category:Wikipedians by programming language

Profession and skills[edit]

Wikipedians by profession

See Category:Wikipedians by profession

Wikipedians by skill

See Category:Wikipedians by skill

Wikipedians by musical instrument

See Category:Wikipedians by musical instrument

Wikipedians by organization[edit]

See also: § Wikipedians who support/oppose organizations

Wikipedians by fraternity and sorority

Wikipedians by game show

Wikipedians by military organization

Wikipedians by professional association


Wikipedians by philosophy

See Category:Wikipedians by philosophy

Wikipedians by political ideology

Wikipedians by political candidate

Wikipedians by political party

Wikipedians by religion

See Category:Wikipedians by religion

Wikipedians by pseudoreligion

Wikipedians by life history =

Wikipedians by lifestyle[edit]

Wikipedians by diet

Sometimes referred to as "by food"

Wikipedians who travel

Wikipedians by interest[edit]

See Category:Wikipedians by interest
Note that several of these were determined to be actually alternatively named #Wikipedians who support/oppose, #Wikipedians who like/dislike and "fans", or other #Wikipedians by preference categories. Please see the individual discussions for more information.

Wikipedians by preference[edit]

Wikipedians by desire

Wikipedians who support/oppose

Wikipedians who support/oppose organizations

Wikipedians who like/dislike and "fans"


See also: § Wikipedians by pet

Anime and manga

Food, drink, and consumables


See also: § Wikipedians by gaming website

Wikipedians by sports game
Wikipedians by video game

Individual person or people

Media (Film, radio, television, and web-based)

Wikipedians by media station

Wikipedians by technology



Sports team
See Category:Wikipedians interested in sports teams

Miscellaneous sentiments

Wikipedians by ownership[edit]

Wikipedians by computer hardware

Wikipedians by electronic device

Wikipedians by pet

Wikipedians by vehicle

Wikipedians by software[edit]

See Category:Wikipedians by software

Wikipedians by website[edit]

See Category:Wikipedians by website

Wikipedians by gaming website

Wikipedians by search engine

Wikipedians by social networking website


Wikipedians by activity status

Wikipedians by award

Wikipedians by editing philosophy

Wikipedians by support/opposition of a Wikipedia issue

Personal userspace categories

Wikipedians by userspace project

Wikipedians by defunct/non-existent project

Wikipedians by template use

Wikipedians by WikiProject

This may not be complete; it intentionally omits those that involved such a category but did not involve the categorization scheme (e.g. speedy deletions, typo fixes, etc.)

TL;DR version: No decision to rename something wikiproject-related to either "members" or "participants" has gone the "members" route since October 2010, and most of them went to "participants" before then anyway. No proposal to rename a "participants" to a "members" has succeeded since February 2006. Almost every case of a proposal to rename a "members" to a "participants" has succeeded.

PS: I created this list for a CfR, and am not going to take the time to reformat it to match this archive. One of the archival gnomes can do that. I already spent about 6 hours on this; I'm done.  — SMcCandlish ¢ ≽ʌⱷ҅ʌ≼  15:25, 31 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]


Nonsense/joke/humour categories

"Not"-based categories

See also: § Wikipedians by 0-level language knowledge