The Wikipedia Cultural Embassy is a pilot project for cultural institutions (museums, libraries, archives) to curate portal-like pages on Wikipedia, that would highlight Wikipedia content relevant to that institution. Many institutions already maintain presences on a variety of different social media sites, and would value a symbiotic participation in Wikipedia as well.

It would be beneficial to this project if it was also supported by a 'Wikipedian in Residence' program at the participating institution.

Content for these pages may include:

The institution pages would be hosted as subpages of Wikipedia:Culture, as at Wikipedia:Culture/Library of Babel.

Protoype Wikipedia Cultural Embassy: New York Public Library[edit]

Background on method[edit]

Interesting Wikipedia content that is highlighted for this project can be rather broader than just "an article on this particular thing"; visitors to the NYPL exhibit Michael Dal Cerro: Contingent and Eternal City might for instance enhance their experience with some background reading on such topics as Retro-futurism, Woodblock printing in Japan, Giovanni Battista Piranesi and Pop art.

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