InChIs, International Chemical Identifiers, are elements of metadata which can be added to articles about chemical compounds. This metadata can then be extracted and processed automatically (unlike conventional Wikipedia content), and will eventually allow searching of Wikipedia by molecular structure. The addition of an InChI will not affect the normal display of an article since the information remains hidden unless a user sets their user stylesheet to display it.

Using the template[edit]

To use the ((InChI)) template, copy the wikitext below to the end of an article about a chemical compound and replace the InChI= field with the International Chemical Identifier.

<!-- Metadata: see [[Wikipedia:InChI]] -->

Viewing InChIs[edit]

By default, InChIs are invisible to normal users. In order to make InChIs visible, you must edit your user stylesheet. To do this, first make sure you are logged in. Then create a page at User:YourUserName/monobook.css and add the following line:

table.InChI {display:table !important;}

or, if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer:

table.InChI {display:block !important;}

Tip: After saving User:YourUserName/monobook.css, please empty the Browser-Cache, to see the changes: Mozilla/Firefox: Shift-Ctrl-R, Internet Explorer: Ctrl-F5, Opera: F5, Safari: ⌘-R, Konqueror: Ctrl-R.

If you can see the following InChI (tributylphosphine), you have successfully made InChIs visible:


To make InChIs invisible again, simply remove the line of CSS given above from your user stylesheet.