This is a list of standardized discussion templates that are used on talk pages, in AfDs, proposals, and other policy discussions.


Tag Renders Opposite Tag Renders
2nd opinion requested
((8ball)) magic eight ball The CheckUser Magic 8-Ball says:
((A note)) information Note:
((Accepted)) Accepted ((Declined)) / ((Smallrejected)) no Declined / Rejected
((Added)) plus Added ((Removed)) minus Removed
((Administrator note)) information Administrator note
((Agree)) Agree ((Disagree)) no Disagree
((Already declined)) Red X Already declined
((Already done))  Already done
((Approved)) Approved ((Unapproved)) no Not approved
((Autp)) Answered on user's talk page.
((Await)) ClockC
((Awaiting)) ω Awaiting
((Awaitingadmin)) Pink clock Awaiting administrative action
((Aye)) Green tickY ((Nay)) Red XN
((Being worked on))
Being worked on
((Blockedandtagged))  Blocked and tagged
((Blockedtaggedclosing))  Blocked and tagged. Closing.
((Blockedwithouttags))  Blocked without tags
((Brohoof)) Brohoof!
((Bug acknowledged))  Acknowledged
((Bug assigned))  Assigned
((Bug closed))  Closed
((Bug confirmed))  Confirmed
((Bug dupe))  Dupe
((Bug feedback))  Feedback required
((Bug new))  New:
((Bug pending))  Pending
((Bug resolved))  Resolved
((BugFixed))   Bug fixed
((Bulb)) Light bulb iconB
((Bulb2)) Flashing bulbB
((Bureaucrat-note))  Bureaucrat note:
((Check mark-n)) YesY ((X mark-n)) NoN
((Checked2)) Checked
((Checked box)) checked box ((Xed box)) X'ed box
((Checking))  Checking...
((Clerk Request))  Clerk assistance requested:
((Clerk-Note))  Clerk note:
((Clerk-Note-bot))  Robot clerk note:
((Clerk-Note-merged)) Merged
((Close))  Closed ((Open)) Open
((Comment))  Comment: ((Comment Removed)) Comment removed
((Commentvote))  Comment.
((Completed))  Completed ((Inprogress))  In progress
((Confirmed))  Confirmed ((Denied))  Denied
((Coordinator-note))  Coordinator note:
((Crystalball)) crystal ball CheckUser is not a crystal ball
((Cu-endorsed))  Endorsed by a checkuser ((Cudecline))  Check declined by a checkuser
((CUnote))  Checkuser note:
((CURequest)) CheckUser requested
((Decline))  Clerk declined ((Endorse))  Clerk endorsed
((Decline-IP))  Check declined – Checkusers will not link accounts to IPs, per the privacy policy.
((Declined)) no Declined ((Accepted)) Accepted
((Deferabusefilter))  Defer to Abuse filter
((Deferblack))  Defer to Local blacklist ((Deferwhite))  Defer to Whitelist
((Defermetablack))  Defer to Global blacklist
((Deferred))  Deferred
((Deferspam))  Defer to WPSPAM
((Deferspambot))  Defer to XLinkBot
((Deferwhite))  Defer to Whitelist ((Deferblack))  Defer to Local blacklist
((Deleted)) ☒N Deleted
((Deleted-image))  Deleted
((Delisted))  Delisted ((Relisted))  Relisted
((Denied))  Denied ((Confirmed))  Confirmed
((Disagree)) no Disagree ((Agree)) Agree
((Discussing))  Discussion ongoing...
((Dislike)) Dislike ((Like)) 👍 Like
((Doing))  Doing...
((Done))  Done ((notdone))  Not done
((Done-t))  Done ((Not done-t))  Not done
((Donetask))  Task complete.
((Duck))  Looks like a duck to me
((Duplicate bug)) no Duplicate bug
((Duplicate Issue))
((DuplicateProposal)) copy   Duplicate proposal
((Endorse))  Clerk endorsed ((Decline))  Clerk declined
((Enough)) I think people have talked enough; I wish they'd stop.
((Expired)) ☒N This offer has expired
((Facepalm)) Facepalm Facepalm
((Facepalm I)) Facepalm
((Facepalm silhouette)) Facepalm
((Fail))  Fail ((Pass))  Pass
((Fishing)) fish CheckUser is not for fishing
((Fixed))  Fixed ((Notfixed)) Red X Not fixed
((Fixed by reporter))  Fixed by reporter
((GA2ndopinion))  Second opinion requested
((GAOnHold))  GA on hold
((Great)) thumbs up Great!
((Half done))  Half done
((Helped)) Helped
((Idea)) Idea:
((Implemented))  Implemented
((Impossible))  Not possible ((Possible))  Possible
((Inconclusive))  Inconclusive
((Inprogress))  In progress ((Completed))  Completed
((Invalid)) no Invalid
((Investigating))  Investigating...
((Ipbedone))  IP block exemption granted
((IPblock))  IP blocked
((Isdoing))  [[User:|]] is doing...
((Later))  Later
((Like)) 👍 Like ((Dislike)) Dislike
((Likely))  Likely ((Unlikely))  Unlikely
((Megaphoneduck))  Sounds like a duck quacking into a megaphone to me
((Merge done))   checkY Merger complete.
((MoreInfo))  Additional information needed
((Moved discussion))
Moved to
((Moved discussion from))
Moved from (({1))}
((Moved to))
Moved to
((Moved to commons))  Moved to Commons
((N/A icon))  Not Applicable
((N&)) ((Y&))
((Nay)) Red XN ((Aye)) Green tickY
((Nc)) no No comment with respect to IP address(es)
((NeedsDiscussion)) information Needs discussion
((NewBug)) bug   New bug ((NotBug)) no Not bug
((NewProposal)) light bulb New proposal
((No action)) no No action
((No mark))  No ((Yes check))  Yes
((Nocomment)) no No comment
((Nojoy)) Red X No technical evidence ((Tallyho))  Technically indistinguishable
((Nosleepers))  No sleepers immediately visible
((Not done))  Not done ((Done))  Done
((Not done-t))  Not done ((Done-t))  Done
((Not done not likely)) ☒N Not done and not likely to be done
((Notabug)) Red X Not a bug
((NotBug)) no Not bug ((NewBug)) bug   New bug
((Notfixed)) Red X Not fixed ((Fixed))  Fixed
Not an issue for List of discussion templates. Referred elsewhere.
((Not sure)) Not sure
((Not sure2)) Not sure.
((Not sure3))
Not sure
((OnHold))  On hold
((OnHoldUntil))  On hold until
((Opblocked)) Red X Blocked
((Orz)) Orz...
((Partly done))  Partly done
((Pass))  Pass ((Fail))  Fail
((Pblock))  Proxy blocked
((PendingRequest))  Pending approval
((PImplemented)) check Partially implemented
((Pixiedust))  CheckUser is not magic pixie dust
((Possible))  Possible ((Impossible))  Not possible
((Possibly))  Possibly
((Possilikely))  Possilikely (a mix between possible and likely)
((Posted))  Posted
((ProposalImplemented))  Implemented
((ProposalOnHold)) Orange clock Proposal on hold
((Psblock))  Proxies blocked
((Qmark)) Question?
((Question))  Question:
((Question mark)) Question?
((Rblock))  Range blocked
((Read)) eye I have read the above message. I will reply when I have a moment.
((Redflag)) flag Redflag
((Redundant symbol)) trash Redundant
((Relisted))  Relisted ((Delisted))  Delisted
((Remark))  Remark:
((Remind))  Remind
((Removed)) minus Removed ((Added)) plus Added
((Renamer note))  Renamer note:
((Reopened)) recycle Reopened
((Reply to)) @Example:
((Resolved mark))  Resolved
((Resolved1))  Resolved
((Responded)) Responded at the appropriate venue.
((Reverted)) arrow Reverted
((Reviewing request))  Reviewing request.
((Sblock))  Blocked but awaiting tags
((Scissors)) scissors Running with scissors is too dangerous for Wikipedia!
((Self-trout)) trout Self-trout
((Semi-done)) checkmark Semi-done
((Sent)) Yes Sent
((Smallrejected)) Rejected ((Accepted)) Accepted
((Snow)) per snowball clause
((Sorry)) Smiley Sorry!
((Stale GAN))  This review has not received any comments in two weeks.
((StaleIP))  Stale
((Stale-small)) ☒N Stale
((Started))  Started
((Stop)) stop
((Suggestion)) question mark Suggestion
((SULcheck)) SUL Check
((Tallyho))  Technically indistinguishable ((Nojoy)) Red X No technical evidence
((Thank))  Thanks
((Thank you)) Thank you
((Thank you very much))  Thank you very much!
((Thrown out)) Rejected ((Accepted)) Accepted
((Thumbs down)) Thumbs down icon ((Thumbs up)) Thumbs up icon
((Tick)) checkY ((Cross)) ☒N
((Tobedone))  Pending
((ToDo))  ToDo
((Twomanrule)) lens Review
((Unapproved)) no Not approved ((Approved)) Approved
((UnderReview)) lens Review – This section is under review or has been partially reviewed by
((Undone)) eraser Undone
((Unlikely))  Unlikely ((Likely))  Likely
((Unnecessary)) no Unnecessary
((Unprod))  Done – as a contested proposed deletion, the article has been restored on request.
((Unrelated)) Red X Unrelated
((Uploaded))  Uploaded
((User-blocked)) Red X User blocked
((Verified))  Verified
((Warnsign)) red-outlined triangle containing exclamation point Warning
((Wikithanks)) Thank you
((Withdraw)) Red X I withdraw my nomination
((Withdrawn))  Request withdrawn
((Wontfix)) Red X Won't fix
((Working))  Working
((Works for me))  Works for me
((WPcrystalball))  Wikipedia is not a crystal ball.
((WQA in progress))
Work in progress; comments welcome
((Wrong venue))
Wrong venue. Please move to (({1))}
((X mark-n)) NoN ((Check mark-n)) YesY
((Xed box)) X'ed box ((Checked box)) checked box
((Y&)) ((N&))
((Yellow tick)) checkY
((Yes check))  Yes ((No mark))  No
((You're welcome)) Smiley You're welcome!


Code Renders Code Renders Code Renders
((AIV|n)) Note: ((UAA|n)) Note: ((RFPP|n)) Note:
((AIV|q)) Question: ((UAA|q)) Question: ((RFPP|q)) Question:
((AIV|chk)) Checking: ((UAA|wt)) Wait until the user edits. ((RFPP|ch)) Checking to see if protection is necessary.
((AIV|w)) Warned user. ((UAA|m)) Keep monitoring the user, until their username is more clear. ((RFPP|s)) Semi-protected
((AIV|i)) Insufficient recent activity to warrant a block. ((UAA|d)) Being discussed with the user. ((RFPP|pd)) Pending-changes protected
((AIV|f)) No vandalism since final warning. Re-report if this user resumes vandalising. ((UAA|dc)) Being discussed with the user, since they have edited constructively. ((RFPP|p)) Fully protected
((AIV|ow)) Stale warning. ((UAA|v)) User has vandalized. ((RFPP|m)) Move protected
((AIV|m)) Will actively monitor user. ((UAA|ep)) User has edited promotionally. ((RFPP|t)) Creation protected
((AIV|3rr)) This noticeboard is for obvious vandals and spammers only. Consider taking this report to Administrators' noticeboard/Edit warring. ((UAA|csd)) User has created a page which has been deleted (or is tagged for deletion) per one or more speedy deletion criteria. ((RFPP|tp)) Template protected
((AIV|a)) This noticeboard is for obvious vandals and spammers only. Consider taking this report to Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents. ((UAA|rc)) User has requested a username change. ((RFPP|ec)) Extended confirmed protected
((AIV|u)) This noticeboard is for obvious vandals and spammers only. Consider taking this report to Usernames for administrator attention. ((UAA|ch)) User has changed their username. ((RFPP|do)) Done
((AIV|r)) This noticeboard is for obvious vandals and spammers only. Consider taking this report to Requests for page protection. ((UAA|p)) Problem: This account does not exist or may be hidden. ((RFPP|no)) Not done
((AIV|sp)) This noticeboard is for obvious vandals and spammers only. Consider taking this report to Sockpuppet investigations. ((UAA|s)) Stale: This account has not been used in the last 2–3 weeks. ((RFPP|d)) Declined
((AIV|in)) Note: IP addresses are generally not blocked indefinitely. Please see the blocking policy for more information. ((UAA|rn)) Not a violation of the username policy. Stage names and pen names are permitted except when they imply that the editor is a specific living person they are not. Consider filing a report at the conflict of interest noticeboard. ((RFPP|pf)) Declined – No changes to the current protection level are required at this point in time.
((AIV|s)) Appears to be a shared IP address, used by multiple users. ((UAA|no)) Not a blatant violation of the username policy. ((RFPP|nea)) Declined – Not enough recent disruptive activity to justify protection.
((AIV|4im)) User has been inappropriately warned. 4im warnings are appropriate for severe vandalism and defamation only. ((UAA|e)) Not a blatant violation of the username policy, but it's worth keeping an eye on their edits. ((RFPP|co)) Declined – Likely collateral damage as one or several users who are making improvements would be affected by the requested protection.
((AIV|c)) Content dispute. Consider dispute resolution. ((UAA|ci)) Not a blatant violation of the username policy. Consider filing a report at the conflict of interest noticeboard. ((RFPP|aiv)) DeclinedWarn the user appropriately then report them to AIV or ANI if they continue.
((AIV|ns)) User has been incorrectly or insufficiently warned. Re-report if the user resumes vandalising after being warned sufficiently. ((UAA|r)) Not a blatant violation of the username policy. Please discuss this with the user first, and consider opening a community discussion at Requests for comment/User names if they disagree with your concerns. ((RFPP|np)) DeclinedPages are not protected preemptively.
((AIV|np)) Blocks are preventative, not intended to be used as punishment. ((UAA|np)) Not a blatant violation of the username policy. For a username to be blatantly promotional, there must be a link between the username and the user's edits. Consider re-reporting if a connection becomes clear through the user's edits. ((RFPP|nhr)) Declined – This template is not used widely enough to be considered a high-risk template.
((AIV|nv)) Edits are not vandalism. Please ensure recent edits constitute vandalism before re-reporting. ((UAA|su)) Not a blatant violation of the username policy. Usernames which only imply shared use are not serious enough to warrant being blocked immediately. ((RFPP|dr)) Declined – Content dispute. Please use the article's talk page or other forms of dispute resolution.
((AIV|d)) Page deleted. ((UAA|fp)) False positive: Username is not a blatant violation of the username policy. ((RFPP|ut)) Declined – User talk pages are not protected except in response to severe or continued vandalism.
((AIV|e)) Stale report. ((UAA|c)) Comment: ((RFPP|her)) Declined – Pending changes protection should not be used on pages with a high edit rate.
((AIV|sn)) Report was good at the time, but is now stale. Re-report if this user resumes vandalising. ((RFPP|b)) User(s) blocked.
((RFPP|tb)) User(s) re-blocked with talk page editing disallowed.
((RFPP|u)) Unprotected
((RFPP|nu)) Not unprotected
((RFPP|cr)) Not unprotected – Please create a sourced version of this article in a subpage or your userspace. When this is done, please make the request again, or ask any administrator to move the page for you.
((RFPP|er)) Not unprotected – Please use an edit request to request specific changes to be made to the protected page.
((RFPP|au)) Already unprotected.
((RFPP|ap)) Already protected.
((RFPP|ad)) Already done.
((RFPP|ar))  Requesting immediate archiving...
((RFPP|w)) Withdrawn by requestor
((RFPP|ew)) Consider the edit warring noticeboard – This is a case of possible edit-warring by one or two users.

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