These guidelines deal with the naming of Pakistan-related articles. Please follow the conventions below. If you disagree with any of the conventions, please discuss in the Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Pakistan-related articles.

The purpose of this manual is to govern style guidelines for editing articles related to Pakistan in the English Wikipedia to conform with a neutral encyclopedic standard. It also states the conventions to be followed for writing the names in Nastaliq script. This manual is open to all proposals, discussion, and editing. Please see

Manual of Style

Basic conventions

Nastaliq script

Consensus and common practice among WikiProject Pakistan editors is that the lead sentence of an article may contain Urdu or other transliterations in regional script(s) such as Shahmukhi, Perso-Arabic, Naskh etc., where applicable or relevant. IPA may be used additionally to aid pronunciation. Articles under the scope of WikiProject Pakistan are not covered under WP:INDICSCRIPT. Note that this consensus only applies to Pakistan-related articles. The use of Urdu and other non-Indic scripts on articles outside the scope of Pakistan-related articles, such as Indian articles, may be subsumed under WP:INDICSCRIPT.

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