2024 Requests for adminship review

Status as of 10:18 (UTC), Monday, 20 May 2024 (update time)

Introduction and structure[edit]

It has been two and a half years since the requests for adminship process has undergone any significant attempts to reform or improve it. However, as laid out at the 2021 and 2015 RfA reform pushes, RfA is widely agreed by the community to be toxic and hostile to participants and candidates, and has had the effect of discouraging qualified candidates from seeking adminship. Because those prior RfCs have established community consensus on what is at issue with RfA, this RfC will largely focus on proposing and testing solutions to make improvements to RfA, and then re-evaluating those solutions in light of their trial runs.

RfA reforms will be proposed in two phases: in Phase I, proposals will be discussed that either make small changes to RfA or test out changes on a few subsequent RfAs. Any proposals that require workshopping or follow-up can be discussed in Phase II, where participants will discuss the outcomes of trial proposals and refine the implementation details of broad-strokes ideas. Phase I was open to new proposals until March 8; voting is ongoing but new proposals will be closed procedurally. Phase I officially ends when all proposals have been closed. If Phase II has not started yet, the RfC tag will be removed until the first proposal from Phase I comes up for review; it will close when the last proposal from Phase I that requires review has been discussed.

Phase I[edit]


Successful, pending a Phase II


Phase II[edit]

The following discussions are open to refine proposals passed in phase I: