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  1. ^ Jaquiss, Nigel (August 28, 2019). "Right-Wing Brawlers Discussed a Hammer Fight While Being Filmed". Willamette Week. Archived from the original on 2021-10-10. Ngo has claimed to be an independent journalist. It is increasingly clear he is coordinating his movements and his message with right-wing groups. On Aug. 26, The Portland Mercury published an allegation by a Vancouver infiltrator of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer. 'There's an understanding,' the man told the Mercury, 'that Patriot Prayer protects him and he protects them.' Ngo could not be reached for comment.
  2. ^ Zielinski, Alex (August 26, 2019). "Undercover in Patriot Prayer: Insights From a Vancouver Democrat Who's Been Working Against the Far-Right Group from the Inside". Portland Mercury. Archived from the original on 2021-10-10. Retrieved August 27, 2019. Ngo tags along with Patriot Prayer during demonstrations, hoping to catch footage of an altercation. Ben says Ngo doesn't film Patriot Prayer protesters discussing strategies or motives. He only turns his camera on when members of antifa enter the scene. 'There's an understanding,' he says, 'that Patriot Prayer protects him and he protects them.'
  3. ^ Covucci, David (14 October 2019). "Andy Ngo smears antifa activist killed in hit-and-run". Daily Dot. Archived from the original on 2021-10-10. Retrieved 18 February 2021. Ngo has long maintained he is an independent reporter who covers the far-left despite his ties to the far-right. He’s also had a loose relationship with the truth while reporting on antifa.
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