Navigation shortcuts offer the ability to add personal links to the sidebar, providing quick and easy access to favourite articles within Wikipedia.

Quick installation: add ((subst:navshortcuts)) to your common.js (or equivalent skin-specific file). See installation section below for full installation instructions and configuration section for instructions on adding sidebar links.





Navigation shortcuts automatically add a new sidebar portlet (menu with links) named the same as your login is. To add links to the portlet, edit code on your common.js (or equivalent skin-specific file).


For each link add one line containing

shortcutsAddLink ( 'name', 'article' );


Add the lines in the same order in which you want the links to appear in the sidebar between the braces ( { and } ) in the following code:

window.shortcutsInit = function ()
  shortcutsAddLink ('Navigation shortcuts', 'Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation shortcuts');

More portlets

If you want to add more sidebar portlets, use

shortcutsStartSection ( 'name' );

to start each one. In result the code should look like this:

window.shortcutsInit = function ()
  shortcutsAddLink ( 'Navigation shortcuts', 'Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation shortcuts' );

  shortcutsStartSection ('wikify');

  shortcutsAddLink ( 'Wikify',          'WP:WWF' );
  shortcutsAddLink ( 'Guide to layout', 'WP:GTL' );
  shortcutsAddLink ( 'Manual of Style', 'WP:MOS' );


Keep in mind that all configuration must be done within the window.shortcutsInit = function () { ... }. If the shortcuts are not working, check whether you did not accidentally modify these lines:

Also double-check that all the configuration is placed between those lines.


Development version[edit]

This tool remains under development. The very latest version is available at User:Jsimlo/shortcuts-dev.js and it may see new features before the stable version. Be warned that it may break from time to time. If you do want to install it, type ((subst:js|User:Jsimlo/shortcuts-dev.js)) into your common.js (or equivalent skin-specific file). Do not forget to delete your current installation of Navigation shortcuts as they may interfere with each other, resulting in duplicated links.