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Navigation bars[edit]

Navigation bars are templates which have an assortment of links usually based around a theme. They are designed to stretch across a page, usually at the top. Here are some examples you can clone and stylize for your user page:

Wikipedia contents pages nav header:
Reference desk nav bar:
Humanities Science Mathematics Computing/IT Language Miscellaneous Archives
Frequently asked questions nav bar:
Editorial nav bar:

ArticlesCBBDirCleanFixFCDelHelpDeskInfoboxesMagic wdsMoSNav temps

PeerRvwPicsReqPolicies & GuidelinesRefDeskRfCSPostToolsVPWikiProjects

Communications nav bar:

HelpDeskAdmin attentionANBotCBBClassIndexNewsroomRequestsRfCRfFThird

RefDesk (HumSciMathCompLangMisc)VPPolPropTechMisc)

Wikipedia principles nav bar:
Writing guides nav bar:
Tools nav bar:
Report abuse nav header
Search nav bar using ((Google custom))
Administrators' nav bars:

Admin (DirHowRead)ABAIVAN (I3RR)BLBlock (IPsLogOPRFU)Del ((A C I M R T) fDCSDDRVListLogProcPRD)


A user page nav bar (not shown here)


Jennavecia's nav box:


Crystal Clear action stop.png
Wikipedia Administrator.svg
Logo categorie.svg
Admin mop question.svg
Fairytale Trash Repeat.png
Nuvola apps error.png
Crystal Clear app error.png
Ambox warning pn.svg
DIN 4844-2 D-M000.svg
Nuvola apps korganizer.svg
Stop hand nuvola.svg
Crystal Clear app All software is current.png
38254-new folder-1.svg
Nuvola apps karm.png
P literature.svg

News and navigation boxes[edit]

Here's a useful tools menu from Diannaa's user page:

Coordinates lookup
New Reflinks "Refill"
Copyright symbol.png
Duplication detector
Crystal Clear mimetype metafont.png
Crystal Clear action find.png
Dispenser's Checklinks
Nuvola apps bookcase.svg
My cite templates
Crystal Clear app terminal.png
Range contributions alternate
Crystal Clear app phppg.png
X's tools: automated edits, more
Robertson screwdriver set.jpg
My template collection
Nuvola apps remote.png
Range block calculator IPv6 range block
Crystal Clear app kcmdf.png
T. Paris article blamer
Crystal Clear app Login Manager.png
Intersect contribs alternate
Crystal Clear app kview.png
Autoblock finder
Nuvola search person.png
Wikichecker user activity
Nuvola apps kdmconfig.png
Σ's Editor Interact Tool
Crystal Clear app xmag.png
Page history statistics
Nuvola apps konquest.png
Buttons and gizmos
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
User Contribution Search
Crystal Clear app kdict.png
All pages with prefix
Crystal Clear app kservices.png
Icon tools.png
Wiki ViewStats

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For information on any topic, choose a category for your question:

Computing reference desk

Science reference desk

Mathematics reference desk

Miscellaneous reference desk

Computing Science Mathematics Miscellaneous
Computing, information technology, software, and hardware Biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, geology, psychology, and technology Mathematics, geometry, probability, and statistics Subjects that don't fit in any of the other categories

Humanities reference desk

Language reference desk

Entertainment reference desk

Reference desk archives

Humanities Language Entertainment Archives
History, politics, literature, religion, philosophy, law, finance, economics, art, music, and society Spelling, grammar, word etymology, linguistics, language usage, and requesting translations Popular culture, movies, video games, and TV shows Old questions are archived daily

For help specific to the operation of Wikipedia:

Help desk

Village pump

Help desk Village pump
Ask general questions about using Wikipedia Ask about specific policies and operations of Wikipedia

For Wikipedia reference information:
Help manual MediaWiki handbook Citing Wikipedia Resolving disputes Virtual classroom
Information and instructions on every aspect of Wikipedia Information about the software that runs Wikipedia How to cite Wikipedia as a reference For resolving issues between users An advanced guide on everything Wikipedia
See also the Wikipedia department directory
Active Wiki Fixup Projects Must be active, systematic, have lists, & need help. Writing Articles that need to be wikified Massive backlog. Ongoing (category) Dead-end pages These pages are not wikified. Ongoing (category) Missing articles Wikipedia is not as complete as you might think. Ongoing Most wanted articles Updated February 2015 Oldest requested articles Updated November 2012 Other Articles needing geo-coordinates Help locate places. See WP:GEO. Ongoing (category) Articles written by a single editor Reviewing articles written by a newer editor. Updated February 2013 Bluelink patrol Directing wayward links to the intended articles. Ongoing Check Wikipedia Fix the syntax of Wikipedia. Updated every 15 minutes Disambiguation pages with links Directing ambiguous links to the intended articles. Ongoing Fix Common Mistakes Fix common mistakes in English grammar (e.g. "the the", "and and"). Ongoing moss Currently doing a collaborative spell-check of the entire encyclopedia. Moving free images to Wikimedia Commons Moving free images to the Commons so they are easier to find. Ongoing (categories) Orphaned articles Help link to these orphaned articles. Ongoing (category) Red Link Recovery Turn red links blue. Ongoing Stubsensor Help remove stub tags from articles they don't belong on. Updated August 2011 Uncategorised articles Help categorise articles. Ongoing (category) Unreferenced articles Ensuring articles include at least one reference or source. Ongoing (category) Main Inactive Mini vte

More templates[edit]

Standard formatting[edit]

Or use standard article formatting to create your own fast and easy navigation aid, like this:

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