An impression of the abstract concept of WikiLove
An impression of the abstract concept of WikiLove

WikiLove is a term that refers to a general spirit of collegiality and mutual understanding among wiki users. It was actually coined over time on the mailing lists. Because people coming from substantially different perspectives work on Wikipedia together – religious fundamentalists and secular humanists, conservatives and liberals, etc. – it is easy for discussions to degenerate into flamewars. But we are all here for one reason: we love accumulating, ordering, structuring, and making freely available what knowledge we have in the form of an encyclopedia of unprecedented size. Wikipedia is not just another discussion forum, it is a project to describe and collect what we know.

If we keep this common goal, this love of great knowledge, in mind, if we concentrate on achieving a neutral point of view even when it is difficult, and if we try to actually "understand" what the other side has to say, then we can reach the state of "WikiLove". If we fail to achieve WikiLove, this will only mean that the encyclopedia and its mission as a whole will suffer. Constant flamewars will scare contributors off, biased articles will drive readers away, and both will harm our reputation in the long term.

There isn't a secret formula to achieve WikiLove, but here are some key components:

Happy editing, and spread WikiLove all over the Internet to users who deserve it!

Some users are strictly against templated "WikiLove" messages. For those who seek to opt out of them, use either the ((Template:NoWikiLove)) or the userbox ((User:Hans Adler/No WikiLove)).

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