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Founded: 7 May 2006 by Steinsky


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Main List of Open Tasks

This WikiProject aims to organise and improve articles relating to the city of Bristol, England.


Roughly in order of priority.

  1. Make Bristol a featured article.  Done
  2. Create articles on all important sub-divisions and places of interest in Bristol.
  3. Add basic data such as population and maps to all sub-divisions of Bristol.
  4. Add at least one photograph to every sub-division and place of interest in Bristol.
  5. Possibly create an infobox for places of interest with maps, visitor numbers etc.
  6. Make History of Bristol, Culture of Bristol, Economy and industry of Bristol, Politics of Bristol and Transport in Bristol good, and ultimately featured articles.
  7. Possibly create our own local Wikipedia 1.0.


Project Template

((WikiProject Bristol)) - The WikiProject template. Please add  ((WikiProject Bristol |class= |importance= |ibox= |map= |photo= ))  to the top of the talkpage on all Bristol-related articles. Documentation on this template can be found at Template:WikiProject Bristol/doc


others are listed at Category:Infobox templates


Map resources for Bristol Articles can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Bristol/Maps

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You don't need to live in Bristol to help with this WikiProject. We welcome editors good with layout and prose, or an interest in anything related to Bristol. Please add your details at Wikipedia:WikiProject Bristol/Participants

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The above table shows the state of this WikiProject. To view historical, monthly totals, see project progress.

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Any newly-created Bristol-related articles can be added here, so that other project members can improve them or add them to their watchlist. The list of older new articles is at WP:WikiProject Bristol/New Articles Archive.

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To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Bristol: edit·history·watch·refresh· Updated 2015-09-04

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A list of the most popular project pages can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Bristol/Popular pages

Photo challenge

During 2006, a photo challenge was run to find photos to include in articles. The photo challenge is currently inactive and is archived at /Photo challenge.

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