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Please consider helping our WikiProject's article improvement drive!! We would like to see the project banner and portal, ((WikiProject Companies)) and ((portal|Companies)), added to all articles about notable companies within Wikipedia. The infobox company template is used on over 60,000 articles, so there are plenty out there!

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Our goal is to improve the depth and breadth of coverage in Wikipedia of notable companies and to bring as many of these articles to good / featured status as possible. For a list of open tasks, please see the to-do list.


Notable for-profit companies, businesses & corporations, no matter where based, whether public or private, existing or merged/liquidated.

Self-Promotion/Conflict of Interest

As Wikipedia's popularity has increased, there have been instances of companies or individuals working at companies creating or modifying articles in order to make their company appear more favorably. This practice is in violation of Wikipedia guidelines and is frowned upon by the community in general and this WikiProject. If you are one of those persons, you are asked to read WP:BFAQ, which will help you to understand why this practice is an issue.

In addition, please read the rating criteria guidelines, when adding a page to the WP:Companies project, to ensure that you do not appear to be trying to boost a company's visibility on Wikipedia for a gain.

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This WikiProject was founded in July 2007. Since then over 60 Wikipedians have signed up to participate and help improve the thousands of articles within our scope!

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