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The CJKV (Chinese Japanese Korean Vietnamese character) taskforce is jointly operated by WikiProject Disambiguation, WikiProject China, WikiProject Japan, WikiProject Korea, and WikiProject Vietnam with a goal of creating and maintaining appropriate disambiguation pages whose titles use the following character sets: Traditional Chinese, Kyūjitai, Hanja, Han-Nom, Simplified Chinese, and Shinjitai (Kanji).

While Wikipedia:Naming conventions discourages Chinese characters in article titles, CJKV disambiguation should be used whenever a simple Roman character redirect will not work. Example cases where CJKV disambiguation may (or may not) be necessary are listed at the Chinese characters sub page. and 財閥 are good examples where disambiguation is necessary.

For the current list of all CJKV disambiguation pages see Category:Disambiguation pages with Chinese character titles.

While the taskforce is jointly operated, WikiProject Disambiguation is the main guiding project as all disambiguation falls under its purview and the other projects cover only parts of the focus of this taskforce.


Listed alphabetically. Feel free to add your name if you wish to participate.

  1. Endroit (talk)
  2. Hong Qi Gong (Talk - Contribs)
  3. JHunterJ (talk)
  4. Kusunose (talk)
  5. 日本穣? · Talk to Nihonjoe
  6. Paularblaster (talk)
  7. Sonagi (talk)
  8. Umofomia (talk)
  9. Visviva (talk)

Some useful templates[edit]

Suggestions for name disambiguation[edit]

This is a list of pages where disambiguation may be needed. Once you have dealt with an entry, or if an entry does not appear to need further disambiguation, simply remove the entry from the list.

  1. 九龍 - could refer to either Kowloon or Cuu Long
  1. 朝阳区 (and 朝陽區). It could refer to a district of Beijing and Changchun, Jilin Province. It translates to Chaoyang District, which could point to the aforementioned districts as well as a district in Shantou, which is 阳. the one-radical difference is small, but crucial.
  1. 东方红 (and 東方紅). It could refer to Dong Fang Hong (a space program), and The East is Red - the song and the Cultural Revolution film. But the full title of the 1993 film is not simply 《东方红》.
  1. Could anyone weight in on whether Draft:山上 should be accepted? — Stevey7788 (talk) 09:38, 26 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Past discussions[edit]

The issue of CJKV characters in titles of disambiguation pages has been discussed a few times in the past. In general these discussions have achieved little consensus and produced no concrete modifications to policies either to explicitly permit or explicitly ban CJKV disambiguation pages:

There have also been some articles created about CJKV characters, using those characters as the titles of the articles themselves. So far these articles have generally been deleted for lack of notability or redirected to articles about the word represented by the character, without much consensus about whether the titles themselves are appropriate for articles, let alone for disambiguation pages:

Similar issues have also come up in the discussion of "extended Latin" and Greek characters, though again not always related to disambiguation pages:

Current discussions[edit]

Please list current discussions here.