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WikiProject Environment

WikiProject Environment


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WikiProject Environment

WikiProject Environment is a project focused upon organizing and improving articles related to the natural environment and biophysical environment. For more information about WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.

Please feel free to join this project by adding your user name to the list of participants!

A rocky stream in the U.S. state of Hawaii
A rocky stream in the U.S. state of Hawaii


This WikiProject is a collaboration to better organize and improve articles about the natural environment and the positive and negative effects of humans upon the biophysical environment.


The goals of this project include the following:

  1. Improve articles within this project's scope
  2. Create user-friendly navigation and linkages
  3. Organize articles categorically
  4. Maintaining objectivity and neutral point-of-view in environment-related articles
  5. Promote an awareness of the natural environment and world

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Ways to contribute – (updated June 2020)

Article tasks[edit]

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Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

Project tasks[edit]

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:


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New articles Please feel free to improve these new environment-related articles, listed here from AlexNewArtBot/EnvironmentSearchResult.

This list was generated from these rules. Questions and feedback are always welcome! The search is being run daily with the most recent ~14 days of results. Note: Some articles may not be relevant to this project.

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Article statistics

For detailed assessment statistics, see: (Index · Statistics · Log).

Pages needing attention

Wikipedia:Pages needing attention listings are no longer being updated. For by-topic listings of articles that need attention, see:

To flag an article for attention, add a cleanup template to the article or talk page. See Wikipedia:Template index/Cleanup for a listing. All previously listed articles have either been fixed or tagged.

Topic Overview[edit]

Topics that are part of this project include (but are not limited to):


Further information: Wikipedia talk: WikiProject Environment/Archive 1 – Hierarchy definition

Topics in the Natural environment category are occasionally ambiguously-defined and multi-disciplinary, and it may be difficult to create a categorical hierarchy based upon consensus.

Parentage and descendants

The "Environment" covers a wide range of academic disciplines but the major parent WikiProjects could be considered as:

The descendants of this WikiProject are:

Related WikiProjects and Task Forces

Related WikiProjects:

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Outside Wikipedia:

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