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We are Wikipedians who have formed a project to improve, maintain, and organize the information in articles related to Indigenous peoples of the Americas. We hope this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. This page and its subpages contain our suggestions and discussions.

If you would like to help, please introduce yourself on our talk page and add your name as a participant! Or, jump in and expand a stub article with reliable sources. Feel free to ask for help ...

WikiProject Indigenous peoples of North America descended from the WikiProject Ethnic groups.

It covers all information on Indigenous peoples of the Americas available at Wikipedia, with the purpose of providing a unified coordination of all articles, stubs, categories and lists on the topic and closely related subjects.


The aim of WikiProject Indigenous peoples of North America is:


This project aims to encompass all historic, ethnic, and cultural aspects of the many groups collectively described as Indigenous peoples of North America, including Aboriginal peoples in Canada, Kalaallit of Greenland, Native Americans in the United States, and indigenous peoples of Mexico (parts of Mexico within the Mesoamerican culture areas are often excluded from North America).

A special note for our First Nations, American Indian, Native American, and Indigenous contributors

We welcome all people of Indigenous, American Indian, Native American, and First Nations heritage reading this page! We hope you enjoy participating in Wikipedia. We are especially happy to have your help in improving the diversity of Wikipedia coverage. Please feel free to leave a note on the talk page of this WikiProject, or at Wikipedia:Systemic bias if you run into problems here. And yes, it is possible to start your own Wikipedia in your own language. We'd be happy to support you in this. (Leave a note if you need help setting up a new language, or with fonts.)

Articles requested

  1. Willie Lavallee
  2. Piscataway-Conoy Tribe of Maryland
  3. Piscataway Conoy Confederacy and Sub-Tribes (currently redirect)
  4. Cedarville Band of Piscataway Indians (currently redirect)
  5. Da-ka-xeen Mehner
  6. Wanda John-Kehewin [1]
  7. Andréa Ledding [2][3]
  8. Sandy Scofield [4]
  9. Jean Baptiste Paul (Chief Thunderbird)[5][6][7]

Redlinked entries in List of Native American politicians

  1. Albert P. Adams
  2. George Adams (Washington politician)
  3. Billy Akers
  4. Charles G. Anderson
  5. Nels A. Anderson (alt. Nels A. Anderson, Jr.)
  6. Don Barlow
  7. Jennifer Benally
  8. Brian Bingham
  9. William Bishop (Washington politician)
  10. Ray Christiansen
  11. Joseph Chuckwuk
  12. Doug Cox (Oklahoma politician)
  13. John E. Curtis
  14. Matthew Dana II
  15. Larry T. Davis
  16. Chuck Degnan
  17. Frank Degnan
  18. Charles Fagerstrom
  19. Frank R. Ferguson
  20. William Fourkiller
  21. Charles Franz
  22. Phillip Guy
  23. Adelheid Herrmann
  24. Jimmy Hoffman
  25. Andrew Hope
  26. Eben Hopson
  27. Jimmy Huntington
  28. Percy Ipalook
  29. Ed Iron Cloud III
  30. Brenda Itta
  31. Ivan M. Ivan
  32. George Jacko
  33. Jack Jackson, Sr.
  34. Sandra D. Jeff
  35. Axel C. Johnson
  36. Frank G. Johnson
  37. Grace A. Johnson
  38. Jacob Laktonen
  39. Richard Lerblanc
  40. Don Long (politician)
  41. Ken Lutrell
  42. Eileen Panigeo MacLean
  43. Jerry McPeak
  44. Martin B. Moore
  45. Carl M. Morgan
  46. Roxanne Murphy
  47. Ed Naughton
  48. Irene Nicholia
  49. John Nusunginya
  50. Alvin Osterback
  51. Larry Peterson
  52. George Pierre
  53. Anatasia Pittman
  54. Christopher Roberts (politician)
  55. John Sackett
  56. Leo Schaeffer
  57. Seneca Scott
  58. Frank See
  59. Martin Seversen
  60. Jerry Shoemake
  61. April J. Silversmith
  62. Jacob Stalker
  63. John Starks (politician)
  64. Daniel Sullivan (Oklahoma politician)
  65. John Tennant (Washington politician)
  66. Tony Vaska
  67. Kay Wallis
  68. Tim Wallis (politician)
  69. James K. Wells
  70. Paul Wesselhoft
  71. Alfred Widmark
  72. Bill Williams (politician) (alt. Bill K. Williams)
  73. Cory Williams (Oklahoma politician)
  74. Jules Wright (politician) (alt. Jules W. Wright)
  75. Fred Zharoff

Lists of missing articles

Progress update on our articles

As of 23 December 2021, there are 10,617 articles within the scope of WikiProject Indigenous peoples of North America, of which 27 are featured. This makes up 0.17% of the articles on Wikipedia and 0.27% of featured articles and lists. Including non-article pages, such as talk pages, redirects, categories, etcetera, there are 25,888 pages in the project.

Click on [show] for progress bar for the Unassessed Indigenous peoples of North America articles

Backlog: Unassessed Indigenous peoples of North America articles
Goal: 0 articles
Current: 152 articles
Initial: 1,880 articles

Our articles by category


  1. Provide a centralized resource guide of all related topics in Wikipedia, as well as spearhead the effort to improve and develop them.
  2. Create uniform templates that serve to identify all related articles as part of this project, as well as stub templates to englobe all related stubs under specific categories.
  3. Standardize articles about different tribes, personalities, and (when possible) historical events and cultural aspects.
  4. Verify historical accuracy and neutrality of all articles within the scope of the project.
  5. Create, expand and cleanup related articles.

General Strategy and Discussion forum

If possible, the natural place to be used as the discussion forum is the project's talk page. Whenever needed, discussion can be moved to a more appropriate place regarding a particular matter.


Essays and Guidelines

Style Guides

Style Guides on Indigenous terminology and other issues from the Native American Journalists Association

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Further information: Bibliography of Canadian Aboriginals

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Project origin and history

When WikiProject Ethnic groups began in January 2004, this topic was badly lacking in quantity and quality. There were no uniform criteria regarding ethnic matters to be included in Wikipedia. Today, the situation is very different. As of 2013, Wikipedia contains exhaustive quanitites of information on many ethnic matters, and more resources and information are added daily. Organizing and coordinating this large volume of ethnic information remains a challenging task, and has resulted in the creation of new WikiProjects focused on specific ethnic groups.

As a great deal of work has been already done both within and outside WikiProject Ethnic groups, the task ahead looks less daunting than that it did in 2004, but no less important and immense for that reason.


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