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Welcome to WikiProject Paranormal, a WikiProject that aims to provide a framework for the improvement and organization of articles related to the paranormal, anomalous phenomena and other similar areas. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us on our discussion page.

Anyone is welcome to join by listing their username on the /Participants page and contributing to the project. Make sure to put our discussion page to your watchlist so you're notified of new discussions. Watchlisting Wikipedia:WikiProject Paranormal/Article alerts and Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Paranormal is also strongly recommended.


  1. To provide a concise and accurate record of notable beliefs, organizations, experiments, individuals and events which are associated with the paranormal, including their history, background and their current status.
  2. To provide a framework (including infoboxes, categories, and examples of Best Practice) from within which scholarly entries about the paranormal, and related topics, may be produced.
  3. To provide a scholarly set of terminology to describe the paranormal which is technically, culturally, and contextually accurate.
  4. To seek out and apply verifiable mainstream sources to pages within the projects scope with the aim of A) addressing any issues of verifiability and reliability that have been highlighted in existing entries, and B) ensuring that new entries are of sufficient quality that their verifiability and reliability do not become an issue.
  5. To ensure that each entry approaches its topic from a balanced and neutral perspective.
  6. To ensure that the notability of each topic can be gleaned from its entry, without the need for additional explanation.
  7. To ensure that a clear dividing line is established between reporting the belief in/background of the topic in a scholarly manner, and advocating/denouncing the topic itself.
  8. To expand project stubs to full entries and to progress full entries to the next level.
  9. Patrol frequently vandalized pages within the project's scope.


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Subjects covered by this project include (but are not necessarily limited to):

The beginnings of a list of topics which are covered in reference books directly related to this topic can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Paranormal/Encyclopedic articles.


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Recognized content[edit]

The following articles fall within the scope of the project and have been noted for their outstanding quality. Project members are encouraged use them as examples of good practice and to note their different writing and organizational styles.

Full list: Wikipedia:WikiProject Paranormal/Recognized content

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Wikipedia:WikiProject Paranormal/Article alerts:

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To join, sign your name at the /Participants page and add the main page to your watchlist.

Members can add ((User Paranormal1)), ((User Paranormal2)), ((User Paranormal3)), ((User Paranormal4)), or ((user paranormal)) to their user pages to identify themselves as members of the project. A list of members with these userboxes is available at Category:WikiProject Paranormal participants.


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Feel free to use these templates where appropriate. Any major changes should be brought up on the template talk page.
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