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WikiProject Parapsychology
This WikiProject exists to improve the quality of existing articles related to Parapsychology, to create articles to cover a broader range of parapsychology topics, and to categorize and link them in appropriate ways. The result of this work should be articles that are accessible to the lay reader and yet are also useful to professionals and students working in the field.

If you plan to be active in editing articles relating to parapsychology, please add your name and your interests to the participants list. Concrete proposals, suggestions and activities are discussed on the WikiProject Parapsychology talk page, and any and all interested parties are encouraged to join up and participate.


The scope of this project is those Wikipedia articles concerned with academic parapsychology as defined by the Parapsychological Association.


Pages needing attention

Pages needing attention




Important policies and guidelines

General: The five pillars of Wikipedia, Neutral point of view, Conflict of interest, Notability, Reliable sources, Verifiability, Citing sources, No original research, What Wikipedia is not, Biographies of living persons, Spam, Deletion policy, Wikipedia:Expert editors

Parapsychology-related: Arbitration on pseudoscience, Arbitration on the paranormal, Fringe Theories


  • To ensure that all claims made in articles dealing with parapsychology are supported by reliable sources
  • To provide a space that facilitates the collaboration of editors carrying out the goals and tasks of this project

To Do/Open Tasks

WikiProject Parapsychology To Do List

Open Tasks:

  • Assess and rate articles on the watchlist by placing updating the statues and putting the appropriate project banner on the articles' talk pages.

Current activity

No Article alerts at this time.

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Articles on AfD

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Featured articles

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Good articles

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Articles needing attention

  • Rupert Sheldrake - currently unstable.
  • Parapsychology - lost Featured Article status. Many improvements needed.
  • Clairvoyance - contains much unreferenced material and conflates 'clairvoyance' with all manner of psychic phenomena.

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