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Welcome to the Professional sound production WikiProject! If you would like to contribute to this project, please take a look at the Open tasks to see specific needs. Don't forget to add your name to the members list!


Hopefully this project will improve the organization or these articles to the point of creating navigation templates, or even a series, with a few WP:FACs and WP:FARs to top it off.


This project covers all articles which cover the technology, equipment or professions relating to

  1. Recorded Media (audio & film)
  2. Sound Reinforcement (events such as concerts & theatre) and
  3. Broadcast (live television & radio).

This project is not as broad as the Entertainment Technology WikiProject. For example, this project is not concerned with Stage Lighting and DJ-related articles. Perhaps this project can be seen as a child of the Entertainment Technology WikiProject.


  1. 23pokrzywa (talk · contribs) (Interested in music production, audio engineering)
  2. Davidkazuhiro (talk · contribs) (interested in Sound Reinforcement and organization between and within articles.)
  3. KFP (talk · contribs)
  4. BenFranske (talk · contribs) (I am a semi-professional audio engineer, lighting designer and entertainment technology system designer/engineer. Activity will be on a limited basis as time allows.)
  5. GreyCat (talk · contribs) (musician, guitarist, audio engineer; interested in sound recording / processing technologies, effects units articles, etc.)
  6. Fadookie (talk · contribs) (film student considering a career in video/audio postproduction, moderator at The Freesound Project.)
  7. Ww (talk · contribs) (former full range concert system designer)
  8. PhilyG (talk · contribs) (studio and live engineer, producer, and keyboardist)
  9. snottywong (talk · contribs) (Professional audio/video engineer for a commercial audio DSP manufacturer, also a musician)
  10. therminator (talk · contribs) (recording engineering hobbyist, site admin, professional DAW setup and installations)
  11. Jrod2 (talk · contribs) (audio engineer - songwriter -interested in audio mastering )
  12. Mystic Pixel (talk · contribs) (electrical engineer, work in broadcast radio/production)
  13. DSatz (talk · contribs) (semi-retired classical recording engineer, many live recordings, translator from German to English)
  14. Ab2kgj (talk · contribs) (5-year Amateur with too much superfluous knowledge and a certain knack for noticing grammatical errors--will work on occasion as time allows)
  15. binksternet (talk · contribs) (freelance live audio mixer, digital audio editor, vintage audio restorer)
  16. eb.eric (talk · contribs) (graduate of audio production college, runs small studio, musician)
  17. Doktor Who (talk · contribs) (professional freelance computing-tech, also experienced in audio engineering)
  18. Sebbi (talk · contribs) 00:06, 15 October 2007 (UTC) (home recording and small scale producer, Mac and Ableton addict, multi-instrumentalist and composer)Reply[reply]
  19. LuckyLouie (talk · contribs) Former location & studio recording engineer, broadcast radio producer
  20. ICberg7 (talk · contribs) (I am a semi-professional audio/visual engineer)
  21. Jackocleebrown (talk · contribs) (Research Engineer at GP Acoustics: KEF and Celestion)
  22. Uncle Milty (talk · contribs) (Small A/V company owner, audio engineer, etc.)
  23. Izhaki (talk · contribs) (A mixing engineer, also a recording engineer and a music producer; the author of Mixing Audio; an audio-engineering/recording-arts lecturer at SAE institute, London; BA Recording Arts)
  24. Mozillaman (talk · contribs) (Sound engineer with experience in CD mastering and Radio production)
  25. HLFuller (talk · contribs) (I am an erstwhile radio producer interested in the interplay between technological advance, art and journalism -- how the tools at our disposal shape and are shaped by the voices and stories that find expression.)
  26. KrodMandooon (talk · contribs) (PhD Audio technologist)
  27. Audio77 (talk · contribs) {Pro audio product developer, engineer, producer}
  28. Andyzweb (talk · contribs) (Aspiring audio guru)
  29. DLJosephson (talk · contribs) (Microphone manufacturer)
  30. Kvng (talk · contribs) (Audio networking)
  31. Atlantictire (talk · contribs) (musician and concerned citizen)
  32. Smilewithani (talk · contribs) (Audio/Video software engineer with experience in designing, porting and optimizing audio/video algorithms, codecs etc. on DSPs and RISCs)
  33. synthfiend (talk · contribs) (musician/teacher/writer interested in documenting connections between the inventors/manufacturers of music instruments and pro audio equipment, the people who use those products, where and how they were used, and the art created.)
  34. Greenshinobi (talk · contribs) (music technician, musician, music journalist with over 250 publications)
  35. Fu Manchuchu (talk · contribs) (Music Recording engineer / TV & Radio Location Sound Recordist / Ex-BBC TV Dubbing Mixer, currently running ProTools studio)
  36. casualpilot (talk · contribs) (PhD in audio engineering)
  37. Orson26 (talk · contribs) (musician/songwriter/performer/producer/engineer/mixer, home studio owner, Pro Tools and Logic guy)
  38. Heddmj (talk · contribs) (Surrey Tonmeister graduate, QA engineer in an Audio Electronics company)
  39. Radiodef (talk · contribs) (Recording, mixing, mastering, etc., and software hobbyist)
  40. Nettings (talk · contribs) (freelance professional audio engineer)
  41. SirPelleas (talk · contribs) (amateur singer, guitarist, and podcaster; interested in music and podcast production)
  42. Masterfireheart (talk · contribs) (Composer/Producer who does a bit of engineering for games/shows)
  43. David.J.Greaves (talk · contribs) (Electronics Engineer and DSP Expert with 35+ years audio design experience.)
  44. Lyrelyrebird (talk · contribs) (Audio engineer in video and music, with an electronics and sound design background. focusing on women in audio)
  45. Actaudio (talk · contribs) Re-recording mixer/sound editor in LA with experience in Foley, ADR, sound design, music editing, score mixing. Interests in early audio engineers (pre-1960) and women in audio
  46. Aluxosm (talk · contribs) (Freelance professional sound engineer)
  47. FalconMillenium (talk · contribs) (Audiophile)
  48. TanookiKoopa (talk · contribs) (Interested in music production)
  49. Vulphere (talk · contribs) (Interested in broadcasting technology and music production)
  50. Redjacketbb (talk · contribs) (musician/songwriter/performer/producer/engineer/mixer, home studio owner, Pro Tools and Logic)
  51. Dfj0719 (talk · contribs) (producer/engineer/mixer, studio owner, Pro Tools and Logic)

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All the articles which have been declared to be within the scope of this project can be found in this category. Feel free to look through and improve these articles, add articles to this list by adding the project template to the article's discussion page, or contest the inclusion of an article into this projects scope.

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Scope Ambiguity

When it comes to phenomena within Professional sound production, it has been hard to decide whether or not the article is within this project's scope, especially when it seems like the Physics WikiProject already has it covered. Since some phenomena, though a topic within physics, are exclusive and specific within Professional sound production, it is important to include them in this project's scope. For example, the article on Sound need not be included, since most aspects of this generic topic are consistent throughout most fields. However, an article like Audio feedback which is technically under the scope of physics, is a phenomenon exclusive and very important to Professional sound production. This project's goal is to include every article pertinent, yet not cut out too much work for ourselves.That said, if you have any questions regarding scope ambiguity, please discuss it on the project discussion page.

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