Satellite image of an extratropical cyclone in the Southern hemisphere

Welcome to WikiProject Weather's Non-tropical storms task force, a group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of non-tropical storms, including extratropical cyclones, winter storms, blizzards, nor'easters, and European windstorms. The project was first developed on December 23, 2007, as a daughter project of the WikiProject Meteorology and a sister project of WikiProject Tropical cyclones and WikiProject Severe weather. In 2021, the former project became a task force of WikiProject Weather, along with other weather-related WikiProjects.

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Related projects and task forces[edit]

Parent project[edit]

WikiProject Weather is the parent WikiProject of WPNTS.

Sister task forces[edit]


To make articles for notable non-tropical systems.


These are the following goals set by this task force to be completed.

  • 2.1% List-Class
  • 10.2% Stub-Class
  • 36.4% Start-Class
  • 29.4% C-Class
  • 10.7% B-Class
  • 8.5% GA-Class
  • 2.1% FA-Class
  • 0.6% remaining


Article alerts[edit]

Articles to be merged


Active members[edit]

Please sign your name at the bottom of this list if you want to join the task force. Once you have added your name to the list, you can add our userbox, ((User Non-tropical)) to your userpage, subscribe to our newsletter, or join the WikiProject Weather IRC channel or Discord server. You can invite someone using this template here: ((WP:WPNTS/Invite)). You can use ((WP:WPNTS/W)) or ((WP:WPNTS/Welcome)) to welcome a new user to the task force.

  1. Juliancolton (talk) – founder
  2. Yellow Evan (talk)
  3. Cyclonebiskit
  4. LightandDark2000 (talk)
  5. AC5230 talk
  6. Buttons0603 (talk)
  7. CyclonicStormYutu (talk)
  8. -Shift674-🌀contribs – I’m going to be sorta active here.
  9. 🌀CycloneFootball71🏈 |sandbox
  10. HikingHurricane (contribs)I'll be active here when it's not hurricane season in the Atlantic. I'll actually probably end up being active here pretty much all year.
  11. BrownieKing talk – I'll try to help!
  12. MarioProtIV (talk/contribs) – I’ll be here mostly during the off-season, or if there’s a dead period within the hurricane season.
  13. 🏅🌀𝕾𝖚𝖕𝖊𝖗 𝕮𝖞𝖈𝖑𝖔𝖓𝖎𝖈 𝕾𝖙𝖔𝖗𝖒 𝕮𝖔𝖗𝖔𝖓𝖆🌀🏅
  14. ChessEric (talk · contribs)
  15. United States Man (talk)
  16. Elijahandskip (talk) – Revived the Current Event WikiProject back in 2020 and I am the unofficial "coordinator" of the WikiProject. I will probably help out at new current storm articles.
  17. RandomIntrigue (talk)
  18. Bn5660 (talk) – Contributed a lot to 2020-21 European Windstorm season article this year. Hope to contribute to many other non-tropical weather events as well!
  19. Tfess up?or down?
  20. StopBoi (talk) – I will be active from time to time!
  21. CodingCyclone [citation needed] – I'll be half-active here. I'm glad this has been revived!
  22. Master of Time (talk) – (Added because of userbox)
  23. Gummycow moomilk
  24. Cyclonetracker7586 (talk) – I just fix any article weather related you might see me edit things time to time, also I'm everyone's friend.
  25. DavidTheScientist – I will not be very active since I mainly edit Tropical Cyclones and Tornado-related articles.
  26. 🌀Aegeou2🌀 – Mainly edit tropical cyclone articles. Would like to edit or create some articles of this topic.
  27. Undescribed (talk)
  28. LuigiIsSuppreme989🌀 (talk)
  29. FreeWikiFrog
  30. ElenaCyclone
  31. TropicalAnalystwx13 (talk)
  32. HurricaneErl 2022 (talk)
  33. RandomInfinity17
  34. Wikieditorperson1
  35. Ikethecatto
  36. "Flux55" – I create things
Inactive participants
These users have not edited extratropical cyclone articles for at least a year, fully retired, or have been blocked or banned from Wikipedia. Their legacy is preserved here. Users who were blocked or banned have their usernames struck out. Users from this list can add their names back to the active members list by removing themselves from this list and signing up in the active members list. If you plan to fully retire from Wikipedia, you can move your name to the bottom of this list. Per WPNTS bylaws, moving any members of the task force to this list without fulfilling one of these criteria is prohibited.

This user participates in the
Non-tropical storms task force.
Add ((User Non-tropical)) to your
userpage to add this userbox if you already signed your name to this list.


In 2013, WxBot was created to assist the former project and other meteorology-related projects. As the bot runs through AutoWikiBrowser, only tasks that can be performed in AWB can be performed by the bot. Click here to make a request for the bot to perform a task.


Members of the Non-tropical storms task force are allowed to participate in the Tropical cyclones task force's award system; you can see it here. Also, we have our own barnstar, which is shown below. You can award anyone who contributed exceptionally to the articles under the task force's scope or contributed greatly to the task force using this: ((subst:The Extra-Tropical Cyclone Barnstar|1=Put your message here. ~~~~)). For the alternate version, you can use ((subst:The Extra-Tropical Cyclone Barnstar|1=Put your message here. ~~~~|2=alt)).

The Extra-Tropical Cyclone Barnstar
The Extra-Tropical Cyclone Barnstar


Non-tropical storms task force editors are also allowed and encouraged to take part in the Tropical cyclones task force's annual competition, the Cyclone Cup. The game is based on the WikiCup, another annual event that involves the wider Wikipedia community.


Several templates exist for use by WPNTS writers and editors. You can find them listed at Category:Non-tropical storms templates.


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To see the updates from this task force, you can visit our newsletter here.


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