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Hello! and welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR), whose objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our project's scope is women's biographies and women's works, broadly construed. Did you know that, according to Humaniki, only 19.29% of the English Wikipedia's biographies are about women? Not impressed? Content gender gap is a form of systemic bias, and this is what WiR addresses. We invite you to participate, whenever you like, in whatever way suits you and your schedule.
Women in Red warmly welcomes you!
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Women in Red has an initiative (established in 2017) for all our participants who are interested in creating or improving articles on women and their works outside the specific focus of our monthly editathons. We have called it #1day1woman as the label can be used worldwide on the social media, creating new trends of interest. Perfectionists might like to create a new article each and every day but one new article on any one day will be the starting point. The approach provides an opportunity for our members and all other participants to create or improve articles on women who are notable in any field of endeavor.

This virtual edit-a-thon allows enthusiasts from around the globe to participate in the work.

What else?

The main goals of the event are:


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Outcomes (articles)

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New or upgraded articles

June 2022

  1. India Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl
  2. France Anaïs Baydemir
  3. Argentina Camila Fabbri upgraded
  4. United States Regenia Gagnier
  5. United States Mabel Johnson Leland
  6. United States Lilliana Owens
  7. United States Dolores Vallecita
  8. India Vanastree
  9. Finland Agnes Lundell
  10. United States Miriam Augusta Palmer
  11. ScotlandJulie Fitzpatrick
  12. Ecuador Mónica Banegas Cedillo
  13. United States Amanda Julia Estill
  14. United States Evi Siskos upgrade while at AfD
  15. GermanyAnn-Katrin Müller upgrade while at AfD
  16. United States Melissa Malzkuhn upgrade while at AfD
  17. United StatesEngland Anne Lyon Hansen upgrade while at AfD
  18. United States Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon upgrade while at AfD
  19. GermanySanne Wohlenberg upgrade while at AfD
  20. Democratic Republic of the Congo Julie Ngungwa DYK
  21. United States Sarah Emily York
  22. Germany Ann-Karin Müller improved
  23. Netherlands Moniek Toebosch
  24. Russia Turkey Şefika Gaspiralı
  25. United Kingdom Belle White – expand / DYK
  26. United Kingdom Millie Hudson – expand / DYK
  27. France Rachel Keke
  28. United Kingdom (International, really) Red Dress (embroidery project)
  29. United States Cora Scott Pond Pope
  30. India Chhanv Foundation
  31. Spain Natacha Aguilar de Soto
  32. United States Judith Ehrlich - upgrade
  33. Ecuador Maria Jose Carrion
  34. United States Electa Amanda Wright Johnson
  35. United Kingdom Julia Dawson TW DYK
  36. Ecuador Vanessa Freire
  37. United StatesUnited Kingdom Susie Forrest Swift
  38. Croatia Brigita Matić
  39. Germany Sappho Çoban
  40. United Kingdom Selina Catherine Stow
  41. United States Ida Mary Barry Ryan
  42. United States Margaret McFadden
  43. Poland Angelika Szymańska
  44. Turkey İrem Korkmaz
  45. Ecuador Rina Campain
  46. Ecuador Diana Pesántez
  47. Ecuador Patricia Núñez
  48. Canada Rena McLean
  49. United Kingdom Katherine Barnardiston
  50. Romania Gabriela Dancau reffed
  51. United States Vivian Kubrick - upgrade
  52. Poland Aleksandra Kaleta
  53. United States Florence Magruder Gilmore
  54. FrancePolandGreece Tatiana Radziwiłł - TW
  55. United States Harriet L. Cramer
  56. France Élise Marc
  57. Germany Rebecca Friedländer
  58. Lebanon Zeina Arida
  59. United States Viola Fletcher
  60. United States Ruth Hinshaw Spray
  61. United States Mary Manhein
  62. United States Miss Catherine Fiske's Young Ladies Seminary
  63. United States Catherine Fiske
  64. United States Villa Alexandria
  65. United States Martha Reed Mitchell
  66. United States Mabel Choate
  67. Czech Republic Tereza Jakschová
  68. Germany Katharina Grompe
  69. Ivory Coast Fadika Sarra Sako
  70. New Zealand Jane Yonge
  71. New Zealand Patricia Rianne
  72. United States Belle Caldwell Culbertson
  73. United States Martina Johnson-Allen
  74. Switzerland Pascale Baeriswyl
  75. India Sabarmatee Tiki
  76. Argentina Mathilde Dolgopol de Sáez
  77. Ecuador Ana Belén Cordero
  78. Germany Eleonore Heerwart
  79. FranceUnited StatesIrma Le Fer de la Motte
  80. Australia Amy Schauer
  81. United States Ida E. Jones - added infobox and image
  82. United States Lynn Martin
  83. United States Rhonda Hansome – upgrade AfD candidate
  84. India Shabri Prasad Singh - upgrade AfD candidate
  85. United States Justine Lindsay - TW
  86. Italy Diana Vico
  87. United States Council of Women for Home Missions
  88. Ecuador Viviana Veloz
  89. United States Pamela J. H. Slutz – clean up AfD candidate
  90. United States Woman's American Baptist Home Mission Society
  91. Ecuador Mireya Pazmino
  92. Ecuador Cecilia Velasque
  93. Netherlands Saskia Holleman
  94. United States Alice Blanchard Coleman
  95. Saint Lucia Ellaisa Marquis – expand AfD candidate
  96. Netherlands Sylke Haverkorn
  97. Puerto RicoUnited States Keishla He
  98. United StatesMyanmar Marilla Baker Ingalls
  99. United Kingdom Catherine Guinness
  100. Ecuador Patricia Mendoza
  101. Ecuador Amada Ortiz - TW
  102. Germany Johanna Elisabeth Döbricht - TW
  103. United StatesLiberia Emma V. Day
  104. Mali Halima Cissé
  105. United StatesPuerto Rico Susana Centeno Hospital
  106. New Zealand Allison Morris
  107. New Zealand Barbara Barratt
  108. Finland Kaisa Korhonen – expanded stub
  109. United Kingdom Roberta Tomber - TW
  110. Ukraine Kira Rudyk update
  111. Ecuador Consuelo Vega
  112. Japan Tomiko Yoshikawa
  113. American Samoa United States Alma Mana'o – expand AfD candidate
  114. Ecuador Rosana Alvarado - TW

May 2022

  1. United States Felicity LaFortune - upgrade
  2. United States Portia Reiners - upgrade
  3. United States Tari Signor - upgrade
  4. Canada Emma Stark - upgrade
  5. United Kingdom Anne-Marie Minhall - upgrade
  6. RussiaGermany Anna Sorokin - improved
  7. CanadaIndiaUnited KingdomUnited States Women's missionary societies
  8. United StatesPuerto Rico Yocasta Brugal
  9. United States Lizzie M. Guthrie
  10. United States Irene Emery - TW
  11. United Kingdom Ruth and May Bell
  12. Italy Maria Sole Agnelli - improved
  13. United States Janet Stuart Oldershaw Durham - TW
  14. Ecuador Roberta Zambrano
  15. United States Nellie Murray - TW
  16. United States Stunt girl
  17. Poland/United States Mary Theresa Dudzik - TW
  18. United Kingdom E. Joan Gibbons - TW
  19. United StatesIndia Mary Reed (missionary) - TW
  20. United States Jerusha Bingham Kirkland
  21. Ecuador María Fernanda Rivadeneira - TW
  22. Benin Claudine Talon - TW
  23. United Kingdom Ann Ward
  24. Ecuador Rosa Chalá - TW
  25. United States Zipporah Michelbacher Cohen - TW
  26. United States Constance Tom Noguchi
  27. United States Martia L. Davis Berry - TW
  28. Norway Maria Olsvik DYK - TW
  29. United States Juanita Christensen - TW
  30. United States Andrea Kowch
  31. United States Mary Morris Hall Lockwood - TW
  32. Ecuador Victoria Desintonio DYK - TW
  33. United States Betsy Johnson - expanded
  34. United Kingdom Portsmouth Northsea Swimming Club - expand de-PROD
  35. Ecuador Lidice Larrea - TW
  36. United States Sarah Johnson Cocke - TW
  37. United States Jessie Fremont Easton Townsend - TW
  38. United States Florence Garrettson Spooner
  39. United States Elaine M. Tobin
  40. South Korea Bora Chung
  41. Ecuador Encarnación Duchi - PIN, TW
  42. Canada Emilie & Ogden
  43. United States Jessie Whaley Maxwell
  44. United Kingdom Tiffany Stern
  45. Soviet Union/Uzbekistan Bernara Karieva
  46. France Marguerite Naseau - PIN, TW
  47. India Pooja Sharma (entrepreneur) DYK TW
  48. United Kingdom Hammersmith Ladies Swimming Club - expand AfD candidate
  49. United States Ida Mae Thompson - PIN, TW
  50. United States Rosa Kershaw Walker - PIN, TW
  51. United States Zenobia Gilpin - PIN, TW
  52. United States Carolína González
  53. Ecuador Sofía Espín - PIN, TW
  54. United States La Jerne Terry Cornish - PIN, TW
  55. United States Anne Burton Jeffers - TW
  56. United States Ella B. Ensor Wilson - PIN, TW
  57. United States Exie Lee Hampton - added img, PIN
  58. United States Jillian Balow
  59. United States Lillian Mayfield Wright - PIN, TW
  60. United States Glenola Rose - destubbed, added img, PIN
  61. Ecuador Raisa Corral - PIN, TW
  62. Turkey Seçil Er
  63. Turkey Nurcihan Ekinci
  64. United States Christine Drazan - PIN, TW
  65. Ecuador Bella Jimenez - PIN, TW
  66. United States Inez Demonet - TW DYK PIN
  67. United States Gertrude Vaile - PIN, TW
  68. United States Hilda P. Holme - PIN, TW
  69. Ecuador María Fernanda Astudillo - PIN, TW
  70. Peru Luz del Carmen Ibáñez Carranza - PIN, TW
  71. United Kingdom Philadelphia Austen Hancock - TW
  72. United States Doriane Lambelet Coleman - TW
  73. Ecuador Lourdes Cuesta - PIN, TW
  74. United States Abigail Hopper Gibbons - added img, PIN
  75. United States Mary G. Charlton Edholm - added img, PIN
  76. United States Martha Schofield - added img, PIN
  77. United States Pauline Waddington Holme - PIN, TW
  78. Switzerland Denise Wyss
  79. United States Jane Kendall Mason
  80. United Kingdom Lady Agneta Harriet Montagu - PIN, TW
  81. Ecuador Lucía Placencia - PIN, TW
  82. Ecuador Yeseña Guamaní - PIN, TW
  83. Ukraine Yaroslava Mosiychuk - PIN, TW
  84. United States Nina Parker
  85. Canada Megan Bonnell
  86. United States Mary Bentley Thomas
  87. Australia Lilith Norman
  88. United States Louise Leung Larson
  89. Russia Alla Levashova - PIN, TW
  90. United States Hannah Packard James - PIN, TW
  91. Canada Mary McGeachy - PIN, TW
  92. China Gong Pusheng - PIN, TW
  93. Brazil Heloísa Alberto Torres - PIN, TW
  94. United States Caroline Hallowell Miller - PIN, TW
  95. United States Alice Manicur - PIN, TW
  96. Denmark Hedevig Quiding
  97. Ecuador Paola Cabezas
  98. Ukraine Daryna Shevchenko (journalist)
  99. United States Edith Clark Cowles
  100. China Phebe Stone - added img, infobox, PIN
  101. United States Jenny Johnson (poet) - TW
  102. India Jodhaiya Bai Baiga
  103. United States Anne Bahlke - PIN, TW
  104. South Africa Roganie Govender
  105. Ukraine Olga Rudenko TW DYK
  106. United States Antonia De Meo adding pics, PIN
  107. United States Dorothy Stimson - added img, PIN
  108. United States Mollie Ray Carroll - destubbed, img, PIN
  109. United States Dorothea Dutcher Buck
  110. United States Jeannette Eckman - TW
  111. United States Abbi Merriss
  112. United States Andrea Drummer
  113. United States Clara Bancroft Beatley
  114. United Kingdom Wet Leg pics and update
  115. United States Dorothy Rouse Bottom - TW
  116. United States Sharon Hovey Wilkin - PIN, TW
  117. United States Dora Jar add pic and factoid, PIN
  118. Ecuador Johanna Moreira
  119. United States Emma Amos (painter) - added image, PIN
  120. India Sandhya Dhar - DYK
  121. United States Mary Mayo Crenshaw - TW, PIN
  122. Ivory Coast Raymonde Coffie
  123. Ecuador Nathalie Viteri DYK, PIN, TW
  124. United States Vera Gilbride Davis - PIN, TW
  125. United States Marion Bartlett Thurber - PIN, TW
  126. Ecuador Sofía Sanchez- PIN TW DYK
  127. United States Mary Ellen Pollard Clarke- PIN, TW
  128. Ecuador Patricia Sánchez- PIN, TW
  129. United States Sarah Louise Arnold- PIN, TW
  130. United States Emalea Pusey Warner - PIN, TW
  131. Ecuador Jessica Castillo- PIN, TW
  132. Ecuador Gissella Molina- PIN, TW
  133. Ecuador Ana Herrera- PIN, TW
  134. Ecuador Rosa Cerda- PIN, TW
  135. United States Virginia Harper TW
  136. India Seema Sakhare- PIN, TW
  137. United States Ada Josephine Todd- PIN, TW
  138. United States Evie Hudak - upgraded, PIN
  139. United States Sallie Webster Dorsey
  140. United States Alice Overbey Taylor - PIN, TW
  141. United States Katharine Johnson Jackson - PIN, TW
  142. United States Annie Latham Bartlett TW
  143. United States Emma Miller Bolenius
  144. United States Your Girl and Mine (film) - expanded
  145. United States Deborah Mora Espinosa
  146. United States Elbra Wedgeworth
  147. United States Pamela J. Fink
  148. United States Elizabeth Hurdon TW, PIN
  149. United States Sueyeun Juliette Lee TW, PIN
  150. United States Sophie Gooding Rose Meredith - PIN, TW
  151. United States Frances Wieser
  152. Soviet UnionRussia Natalia Aleksandrovna Filippova TW
  153. United States Margaret L. Plunkett - PIN, TW
  154. United States Ellen Wetherald Ahrens - PIN, TW
  155. United States Heidi Zuckerman
  156. United States Jennifer Park Stout TW
  157. United States Georgene Hoffman Seward - added image, PIN
  158. United States Franziska Boas - added image, PIN
  159. United States Emily Caroline Chandler Hodgin - PIN, TW
  160. United States Katie Doane Tulugaq Avery
  161. United States Myrtis Coltharp - PIN, TW
  162. United States Martha E. Forrester - added infobox and image
  163. Carol Anne Hilton
  164. United States Martha Louisa Cocke - TW, PIN
  165. United States Evelyn Weigold Crane - PIN, TW
  166. United States Corinne Stocker Horton - PIN, TW
  167. India Madhulika Ramteke - submitted for DYK, PIN, TW
  168. United States Women in the Montana government - upgrade to help with AfD
  169. British Raj Muhammadi Begum upgrade TW, PIN
  170. United Kingdom Florence Bravo - PIN
  171. United States Kelsie Whitmore - upgrade to DYK
  172. United States Marty Kemp - AfD candidate, PIN
  173. United States Meredith Peruzzi - TW
  174. United States Edwilda Gustava Allen Isaac - PIN, TW
  175. South SudanAustralia Aguil Chut-Deng
  176. United States Catherine Fischer - TW
  177. Sweden Maria Gelhaar - PIN, TW
  178. United States Betty Gough - PIN, TW
  179. New Zealand Ruth Harley TW
  180. United States Marietta Stanley Case
  181. India Janki Vasant
  182. France Marie-Hélène Cardot
  183. United States Sister Marie Majella Berg
  184. United States Adelaide Steele Baylor - PIN, TW
  185. United States South Park Settlement
  186. Australia Evelyn Araluen TW

April 2022

  1. United States Bessie Olive Cole -added img, PIN
  2. United States Joy Episalla
  3. United States Beth Killoran
  4. United States Julie Young
  5. United States Lowell House (New Haven, Connecticut)
  6. United States Jessie G. Beach
  7. United States Delia Lyman Porter
  8. United States Irma Brandeis - added img, infobox, ref, PIN
  9. France Nicole de Hauteclocque
  10. United States Mildred Mott Wedel
  11. United States Mojdeh Bahar
  12. France Magdeleine Anglade
  13. United States Anna E. Nicholes
  14. Malawi Mary Shawa upgraded to help with AfD
  15. Syria Haifa Bitar upgraded to help with AfD
  16. United States Michelle Hawkins upgraded to help with AfD
  17. United States Juju Harris upgraded to help with AfD
  18. Cuba Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya inspired by new image
  19. United StatesVatican City Genevieve Garvan Brady - image added
  20. RussiaUnited States Masha Slamovich
  21. United States S. Grace Nicholes
  22. India Nasira Akhter
  23. United States Nicole A. Cooke
  24. United States Annabella Ravenscroft Gibson Jenkins
  25. United States Civic Service House
  26. United States Whittier House (Jersey City, New Jersey)
  27. United States Neighborhood House (Louisville, Kentucky)
  28. India Padma Yangchan - PIN, TW
  29. United States Edyth Carter Beveridge - PIN, TW
  30. United States Edna Duge - PIN, TW
  31. United States Neighborhood House (Chicago)
  32. Denmark Mette Koefoed Bjørnsen
  33. United Kingdom Margery Willoughby
  34. United States Flora Mace
  35. United States Evelyn Svec Ward
  36. CanadaUnited States Janet Gladys Aitken TW, PIN
  37. Netherlands Maria Catharina Daemen
  38. Denmark Anne Wolden-Ræthinge
  39. United States Edna Wilson-Mosley
  40. Denmark Gurli Vibe Jensen
  41. United States Joey Kirkpatrick
  42. Sri Lanka Kaushalya Madushani
  43. Sri Lanka Barbara Sansoni
  44. United States Mary Rice Hayes Allen - PIN, TW
  45. United States Clara W. Hall - PIN, TW
  46. United States Hazel Erby - upgrade
  47. United States Andrea Norris - PIN, TW
  48. United States Alice P. Gannett - PIN, TW
  49. United States Goodrich Social Settlement
  50. United Kingdom Jane Beadon
  51. Belgium Laura Verlinden - PIN, TW
  52. United States Katherine S. Squibb
  53. United States Anita Lihme - image added
  54. United States Laurie E. Locascio - PIN, TW
  55. France Princess Cécile of Bourbon-Parma TW - PIN
  56. United States Casa de Castelar
  57. United States Guadalupe Briseno
  58. Algeria Faiza Lalam
  59. France Princess Marie Françoise of Bourbon-Parma - expanded TW, PIN
  60. United States Betty Leggett TW
  61. United States Holidead
  62. India Nivruti Rai
  63. United States College Settlement of Philadelphia
  64. United Kingdom Lady Mary Faith Montagu TW
  65. United States Lucille Chaffin Kent - PIN, TW
  66. United States Lorene Byron Brown
  67. Ukraine Hanna DmyterkoTW, PIN
  68. India Shobha Gasti - PIN, TW
  69. United States Frances Ilg -destubbed, img, PIN
  70. United Kingdom Mabel Blundell Heynemann
  71. Spain Cristina Lasvignes
  72. United States Grace Frick - added img, infobox, PIN
  73. United Kingdom Lucy Moss - expanded 5x
  74. Spain Patricia Gaztañaga
  75. United States Laura Hibbard Loomis
  76. United Kingdom Paddy Naismith
  77. United States Jean Gurney Fine Spahr
  78. United Kingdom Lady Elizabeth MontaguTW
  79. United States Lana Theis - improved
  80. United States Mallory McMorrow - expanded/improved TW
  81. United StatesUnited Kingdom Alberta Montagu, Countess of Sandwich TW
  82. United States Helen Rand Thayer
  83. United States Rivington Street Settlement
  84. United States College Settlements Association
  85. FranceItaly Marie Angliviel de la Beaumelle - image added
  86. Malaysia Yangsze Choo
  87. Spain Mónica Martínez‎
  88. Jamaica Summer Lightning (short story collection) - by woman writer
  89. United KingdomKenya Ellinor Catherine Cunningham van Someren TW
  90. United States Adaline Emerson Thompson
  91. Spain Our Lady of Palmar - image added
  92. United StatesUnited Kingdom Julie Montagu, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke - improved
  93. UkraineFrance Mary Teissier TW
  94. Canada Jan Allen small improvement to help survive AfD
  95. United States Sarah Katherine Taylor
  96. United Kingdom Hannah Graf
  97. United States Ione Virginia Hill Cowles
  98. United States Katherine Hilliker -added img, PIN
  99. United States Lillian Logan -added img, PIN
  100. United States Flora Morris -added img, PIN
  101. Germany Sabine Impekoven -added img, PIN
  102. United States James and Rose Smith -added img, PIN
  103. United States Lenox Hall
  104. United States Rebecca Lovenstein
  105. United States M. Louise Thomas - PIN, TW
  106. United States Sarah Maria Clinton Perkins - PIN, TW
  107. Republic of Ireland Ellen Sullivan - PIN, TW
  108. Canada Wendy Metcalfe
  109. United States Miriam D. Mann - PIN, TW
  110. United States Sarah Stoddard Eddy - PIN, TW
  111. United States Sophia Curtiss Hoffman - PIN, TW
  112. United States Lillian Elvira Moore Abbot - PIN, TW
  113. South Africa Fatima Hassan TW
  114. United States Sarah Lowe Twiggs - PIN, TW
  115. ItalyVenezuela María Dora Feliciangeli TW
  116. United Kingdom Millie McKenzie
  117. Ukraine Anna October
  118. United States Jamila Lyiscott
  119. United States Mary Meyer Gilmore added first reference to old article
  120. Australia Hilary McPhee added first reference and structure to old article
  121. United States Kristen Monroe added first reference to old article
  122. United States Vickie Natale added first reference to old article
  123. United Nations Sandee Pyne added first reference to new article
  124. Argentina Carina Zampini added first reference
  125. United States May Lansfield Keller - added image
  126. United States Gertrude Woodcock Seibert
  127. United States Anna Peck Sill
  128. United States Eva King Killam
  129. United States Lee Limbird
  130. Latvia Ginta Lapiņa - added image
  131. South Africa Christine Barkhuizen le Roux
  132. United StatesPanama Angela M. Eaves added pics to new article (TW - on her birthday), PIN
  133. CanadaUkraine Irene Rima Makaryk
  134. United States Grace Arents - added infobox and image, PIN
  135. United States Annabel Morris Buchanan - added image, PIN
  136. Canada Donna E. Young
  137. United States Jane Marsh Parker - PIN, TW
  138. United States Edith Lindeman - added infobox and image, PIN
  139. United States Naomi Silverman Cohn - added image, PIN
  140. United States Ann Cotton (colonial Virginian)
  141. Germany Emely Telle
  142. Ukraine Zinayida Hryshko
  143. Australia Louise Crisp - upgraded to help survive WP:AfD
  144. Ukraine Vira Naydyonova
  145. United States Helen Dewar - added image, PIN
  146. United States Jeanelle C. Moore - added image, PIN
  147. United States Kaci Walfall
  148. United States Sarah Lee Fain - added image, PIN
  149. United States Nancy Hale - added image, PIN
  150. United States Javaune Adams-Gaston - PIN
  151. United States India Hamilton - added image, PIN
  152. United States Dorothy Hamm - added infobox and image, PIN
  153. United States Rachel Henderlite - added image, PIN
  154. United States Dorothy Shoemaker McDiarmid - added image, PIN
  155. Ukraine Alla O. Starostina - PIN, TW
  156. United States Nannie Jacquelin Minor - PIN, TW
  157. Canada Carole Epp
  158. Ukraine Anastasiya Kobzarenko
  159. Kurdistan RegionCanada Khadija Baker - PIN, TW
  160. Canada Thy Phu
  161. SyriaCanada Muzna Dureid
  162. United States Elizabeth Langhorne Lewis - added image, PIN
  163. United States Nancy Chemtob
  164. Dominican Republic Yailin La Más Viral
  165. United States Elizabeth Lewis Otey - PIN, TW
  166. India Akshata Murty
  167. Kenya Winnie Kiiru
  168. Spain Elena Becker-Barroso
  169. United States Mary L. (Nora) Disis
  170. United States Edna Lewis - added image, PIN
  171. United States Georgia Weston Morgan - added infobox and image, PIN
  172. United StatesGermany Margarete Seeler - PIN, TW
  173. United States Rebekah Dulaney Peterkin - added image, PIN
  174. United States Mary Wingfield Scott - PIN, TW
  175. Germany Alexandra Flemming
  176. Australia Bronwyn Wake
  177. United States Monica Asman TW
  178. Australia Davina Bell - TW
  179. United States Amelia Perry Pride - PIN, TW
  180. Canada Sarah Onuora
  181. United States Allyson Evans
  182. United Kingdom Kim Baumann
  183. United States Lee Hall (artist) - PIN, TW
  184. United States Shari Wiseman
  185. United States Allison Doerr
  186. Brazil Cecília Maria Villas Bôas de Almeida
  187. United States Catherine Potenski
  188. Republic of Ireland Aoife Foley
  189. France Nathalie Le Bot
  190. TurkeyKurdistan RegionZeynep Kınacı
  191. India Batool Begam
  192. India Meera Thakur
  193. Spain Feliciana Enríquez de Guzmán
  194. United States Theresa Pollak - added image
  195. UkraineGermany Ganna Gryniva - PIN, TW
  196. United Kingdom Katrina Ray
  197. Greece Irini Konitopoulou-Legaki
  198. United Kingdom Claire Greenhill
  199. European Union Linda Koch
  200. Russia Elizaveta Dorfman
  201. United States Ernestine Hogan Basham Thurman TW
  202. Croatia Mirna Kvajo
  203. United States Isabel Dodge Sloane - added image, PIN
  204. United States Eudora Ramsay Richardson - added image, PIN
  205. TurkeyKurdistan Region Pervin Chakar
  206. Italy Maria Tonelli-Rondelli TW
  207. JamaicaCanada Jah’Mila
  208. New Zealand Alison Stewart (biologist) - PIN, TW
  209. United States Martha Anne Woodrum Zillhardt - PIN, TW
  210. India Kitty Shiva Rao -add img, PIN
  211. United KingdomAlwen M. Evans TW
  212. Italy Raffaella Bosurgi

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