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This wikiproject is about woodworking and any related subjects such as tools, carpentry, cabinet making, furniture, woodcarving


To ensure that Wikipedia has as complete and accurate articles related to woodworking as possible.


This project is related to a number of topics, including metalworking (woodworkers use metal tools and often need some metalworking skills), architecture, construction, art (sculpture, wood carving), etc.

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Please add any woodworking articles you believe are needed. Please remove blue links after you have checked them out and add to Stubs needing expansion below if needed. If all you create is a stub, please add the Woodworking stub notification at the bottom of the article (((Woodworking-stub))), which will automatically put the article in the Category:Woodworking stubs.

Before adding an article, please search under various possible names. If the article already exists under another name, please create a redirect and mention the new name in the opening paragraph of the existing article. On many woodworking topics, names of things and techniques vary considerably by continent/country/region and generation.

I would say in recent years wooden flooring really have got very popularity in market. Although wooden flooring has its own benefits for installing it into according to your comfort areas. As we know wooden flooring are made up of multi layers of different woods and they react differently in environment. Most important it's Eco-friendly cheaper along with durability and it can be sold out twice in market. Hence we can say wooden flooring can be best one option rather on installing carpet. There are different types of wooden flooring avail in market. To know more about to wooden flooring type you can visit here - Types of wooden flooring. Thank You.


This page needs serious attention. I think it needs a disambiguation page to get rid of the dross like CRAMP (something to do with Japanese animation) and some of the other stuff. Here's what I propose to do when I have time: 1) Move Clamp to Clamp (tool) 2) Move CLAMP to Clamp (Japanese animation) 3) Create a disambiguation page called Clamp which will link to the above and mention the other meanings. Then on the Clamp (tool) page, expand the types of clamp and have links to individual articles that exist if they are worth keeping, otherwise merge them. The use of the term Cramp can be an aka at the top and perhaps a brief discussion of where it is used in the body of the article. That will be a start. SilentC 05:45, 4 October 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Makes sense. Go for it. I put in the picture so that we can figure out what each type is called in different countries. Luigizanasi 05:58, 5 October 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]
It's a late reply, but CLAMP has recently been moved to Clamp (manga artists) now, with the all-caps variant changed into a redirect to Clamp, after all related articles had been fixed. This should clean things up a bit. - Cyrus XIII 05:49, 1 March 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

*Combination machine European machines (Griggio, Kity, etc.) & Shopsmith

Have started on the Sharpening stone article.SilentC 03:02, 14 September 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]




Note that Stanley Works and Craftsman (tools), Delta Machinery, Black and Decker, Robert Bosch GmbH, Lee Valley Tools, Milwaukee Tools, Lie-Nielsen already have articles (that need expansion).

I have started a list article at Woodworking tools manufacturers. Comments, additions, re-formatting welcome. Luigizanasi 21:35, 10 February 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Influential/famous woodworkers



Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Woodworking-related articles by quality statistics The table is automatically updated every few days; click here to update immediately.

Stubs needing expansion

Some may already be more than stubs. If so, please remove them from the list and add them to Wikipedia:Wikiproject Woodworking#Articles needing expansion/improvement if needed. Also add any articles you see need to be here. This list was originally generated by going through Category:Woodworking stubs, Category:Tool stubs, Category:Furniture stubs, and Category:Architecture stubs and culling non-woodworking related articles. No doubt mistakes were made: some do not belong here, while others are missing.


Angle grinder Ball-peen hammer Bench grinder Block plane Bolt cutters Bucksaw Card scraper Burin Carpentry square Clinometer Concrete saw Coping saw Craftsman (tools) Milling cutter Dial (measurement) Digging stick Dozuki Drift pin Drill bit sizes Froe Gauge (engineering) Gouge Hacksaw Hammer drill High speed steel Jack plane Japanese saw Keyhole saw Lathe carrier Mallet Nail gun Nipper (tool) Pencil lead Penetrating oil Persian drill Pneumatic motor Pneumatic tool Power tool Pulaski (tool) Pycnometer Robertson screwdriver Rotary tool Sander Sawhorse Scroll saw Shaper Sharpening jig Shears[disambiguation needed] Sledgehammer Snap-on Socket wrench Staple knocker Staple remover Surface plate Tension wrench Tester Thermal lance Tipped tool Tweezers Two-man saw Type S Fastener Upholstery hammer Webbing stretcher Whetstone (tool) Woodchipper Workbench Workshop Yardstick Hook ladder


Balloon framing Bentwood Crotch Cruck Datum references Degree of curvature Dowel joint Finger joint Finial Glazing Hinge Inlay Intarsia Lap joint Making fire Marking out Miter joint Nut (hardware) Ogee Optus Oval Organic architecture Rabbet Rip cut Stile Tongue and groove Tracery Two-by-four technology Upholstery regulator Wood grain

Design & Styles

Adam style Architectural style Annulet (architecture) Boiserie Chintz Colonial Revival Cordonata Deconstructivism Eastlake Movement Empire (style) Federal architecture Flèche Futurist architecture Greek revival architecture Hexastyle List of house styles Meander (art) Mid-century modern Mission Revival Style architecture Prairie School Romanesque Revival Round table Shaker furniture Decorative arts


Balloon clock Bar (counter) Bookend Breadbox Brewster Chair Bunk bed Cabinet (furniture) Campaign furniture Candlestick Cantilever chair Chest (furniture) Chest of drawers Coffee table Commode Cot (furniture) Cupboard Davenport (sofa) Deckchair Filing cabinet Four poster bed Garderobe Glastonbury chair Great Bed of Ware Headboard (furniture) Kneeling chair Library circulation desk Loveseat Murphy bed Nightstand No. 14 chair Ottoman (furniture) Park furniture Picnic table Playpen Shoji Taboret Tallboy (furniture) Tin box Trundle bed Tunbridge ware TV tray egyptian furniture

the page on wood veneer references egyptian furniture as two words. this link may be more useful


James Krenov Alan Peters Duncan Phyfe

Architecture, Carpentry, Joinery, and Construction

Building types

Attap dwelling Beach hut Conservatory (greenhouse) Doghouse Footbridge Gristmill Guest house Hooch (shelter) Hut (dwelling) Icehouse (building) Lake dwelling Lean-to Model house Octagon house Palisade Prairie Houses Prefabricated home Railroad apartment Ranch (house) Shed Single-family home Stable Steeple (architecture) Stilt house Stockade Tithe barn Toran Torana Tract housing

Building elements, Joinery & millwork

Bandstand Bay window Angel-light Bedroom Boudoir Castellum Catherine wheel (window) Cornice (architecture) Crenel Crocket Crown molding Dado rail Dado (joinery) Dormer Dovecote Eaves Drawing room Entasis Entrance Flooring French door Gabion Gable Gadroon Hurricane shutters Lintel Living room Loft Mansard Master bedroom Mullion Murder-hole Oriel window Oubliette Palladian window Paned window Panelling Parterre Passage (architecture) Plinth Porch Postern Punnet Rafter Handrail Raised flooring Raking cornice Recreation room Red River Frame Refectory Shake (roof) Siding Soffit Stairway Study (room) Trellis (architecture) Tribune (architecture) Verandah Vestry Volute Weep hole Window covering Window shutter


Barricade Braced wall line Bulkhead (barrier) Clapboard (architecture) Compass (architecture) Curtain wall Curtainwall Dead load Falsework Farm jack Floor plan Folly Formwork Framer Frontage Frontispiece (architecture) Gueridon Housing society Insulated glazing Joist Laminated veneer lumber Live load Mole (architecture) PEX Pine pylon Post and lintel Post mill Prefabrication Sexpartite rib vault Span (architecture) Spatial planning Steelcase Structural design Structural failure Tie (engineering) Treated lumber Vinyl siding Water damage


Artificial leather Briquette Chickee Fingerplate Knotted pine (or knotty pine) Lid (container) Lobster trap Pressed wood Sawdust Shikumen Shinden-zukuri Staff (stick) Stanley Works Star post Talking stick Toothpick Truckle Vernis Martin Walking stick

Articles needing expansion/improvement

With explanation of requirements

Sharpening stone, with discussion of oil stones.

Redirects/disambiguations needed

Names and terms for woodworking tools and techniques vary considerably by continent, country, region, and generation. There is considerable confusion between British/North American/Australian terms, not to speak of historical differences and regional differences within each country. The goal is to ensure that all terms are represented, so that anyone who comes across a term can find what they are looking for in Wikipedia. All woodworking terms should at least have a redirect to the appropriate article, and alternative names should be mentioned at the beginning of each article.

Especially for confusion between British/North American/Australian terms, e.g.

Request for deletion/comments/proposed merges

Please list here any woodoworking-related articles you happen to come across that have been listed for deletion on Wikipedia:Articles for deletion or Wikipedia:Categories for deletion, and for comments on Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Maths, natural science, and technology.

*Proposed deletion of Tarq Joinery. I put it up for deletion, seems to be a hoax. Luigizanasi 07:14, 11 March 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I made a start - stuck a load of references in, and expanded a fair amount. Still needs work though. Carre 14:30, 20 July 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Requested articles

From Wikipedia:Requested articles/Applied arts and sciences

I got here looking for information of the following wood finishing/refinishing techniques:

These are not obscure and should really be included. Zlama (talk) 06:04, 12 November 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I am looking for an article on Lustre (timber), like Lustre (mineralogy), but then for wood. And also Texture (timber) would be nice. Here is a useful website for both concepts: [1] Leo Breman (talk) 11:53, 15 August 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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