DeveloperBarry Kauler (original)
community (current)
Written inVarious (Notably C and Assembly)
OS familyLinux
Working stateCurrent
Source modelOpen source
Initial release2009
Marketing targetPersonal computers, mobile devices, embedded devices, servers,
Available inMultilingual
Package managerdpkg, Pacman, PETget, slapt-get, slackpkg, Puppy Package Manager
Platformsx86, x86-64, ARM
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux kernel)
user interface
LicenseMany[1] ("Linux" trademark owned by Linus Torvalds[2] and administered by the Linux Mark Institute)
Official websitepuppylinux.com/woof-ce.html

Woof is a software application used to build a Puppy Linux distribution from another Linux distribution.[3][4][5] This application must be run inside Puppy Linux, and an internet connection is required in order to download the other Linux distro's binary packages.[6]

The CD-Remaster program available in Puppy Linux can be used to build variants of the Puppy Linux distribution.[7]

In 2013, Woof was forked to Woof-CE, which uses a git version control system hosted on GitHub.[8]

Build process

The process used by Woof to build a Puppy Linux distribution from another Linux distribution:

  1. The user selects the Linux distribution to be used as the foundation of the Puppy Linux distribution
  2. The user selects the choice of packages and other options
  3. The user initiates the build process
  4. If needed for the selected Linux distribution, the scripts perform preprocessing tasks
  5. The scripts download the package database files of the selected Linux distribution
  6. The scripts download the package files of the selected Linux distribution
  7. The scripts build the generic Puppy-packages
  8. The scripts build the Puppy Linux live-CD .iso file of the Puppy Linux distribution
  9. The user burns the Puppy Linux live-CD from the .iso file
  10. If desired, the user builds a new variant of the Puppy Linux distribution using the CD-Remaster tool available in Puppy Linux

Supported distributions

The Linux distributions that Woof can use as the foundation for a Puppy Linux distribution:


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