World Chase Tag
SportGame of tag
FounderChristian and Damien Devaux
TV partner(s)ESPN, NBCSN, Channel 4

World Chase Tag is an international championship for competitive parkour involving the game of tag. Events have been televised on NBCSN in the United States,[1] and on Channel 4 and BBC Three in the United Kingdom.[2][3] Events have also attracted millions of views online.[2]

World Chase Tag was founded in Britain by Christian Devaux in 2012, with his brother Damien joining the organisation the following year. The inspiration for the sport came after a game of tag between Christian and his child.[4]


Matches are played between two teams of up to six players over a series of 16 rounds. Each round is contested between one member of each team, with one player as the chaser and their opponent as the evader.

Players begin the round at opposite sides of a 12m × 12m square known as "The Quad", which is filled with various obstacles that players move over, under and through using parkour skills.[5] The chaser has 20 seconds to tag the evader with their hand. If either player steps foot outside of The Quad they forfeit the round.

Points can only be scored by the evading team. A successful tag results in that player becoming the evader for the next round and no points being awarded. A successful evasion results in that player's team scoring a point, and the evader retaining that role for the next round. The losing player is replaced by a teammate who chases. Rounds are separated by 25 second rest breaks.

The team with the most points after 16 rounds wins. Ties result in a "sudden-death chase-off", which consists of a pair of rounds with each team chasing in one and evading in the other. The team with the longest evasion time wins. If this results in a further tie (i.e. both teams successfully evade for 20 seconds) the process is repeated.[6]

Major events

Event Date Location Winners Notes
World Chase Tag 18 December 2016 World Championship Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, UK Marrero Gang The Storror Chase Off. First major World Chase Tag competition.
World Chase Tag 2 2017 World Championship York Hall, London, UK Marrero Gang
World Chase Tag 3 9 September 2018 World Championship York Hall, London, UK Marrero Gang
World Chase Tag Euro 19 26 June 2019 Continental Championship York Hall, London, UK Blacklist
World Chase Tag 4 25 August 2019 World Championship York Hall, London, UK United First event to be televised, in edited highlight programme broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK[7] and NBCSN in the US.
World Chase Tag – USA 2020 16 October 2020 National Championship Coca-Cola Roxy, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Apex First event outside of UK. Event broadcast by NBCSN[1][8] and made into a 6-part series by Channel 4 in the UK.[9]
World Chase Tag 5 – USA Championship 6 August 2021 National Championship Goodyear Hall, Akron OH, USA Apex
World Chase Tag 5 – UK Championship 8 November 2021 National Championship York Hall, London, UK Phat
World Chase Tag 5 – World Championship 27–29 May 2022 World Championship York Hall, London, UK Apex ETH Televised on BBC Three.[3] Including the first women's exhibition match.
World Chase Tag 6 – USA Championship 7–9 October 2022 National Championship Esports Stadium Arlington, TX, USA Apex Moon
World Chase Tag 6 – USA Women's Championship National Championship Kunoichi Creation of the first women's league.
World Chase Tag 6 – Pan American Championship 3–5 March 2023 Continental Championship Greater Columbus Convention Centre – Columbus, OH, USA TBD

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