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World Cup in Ski Orienteering
Eduard Khrennikov 2 Ski-EOC 2010.jpg
Russia's Eduard Khrennikov is a four-time winner of the men's overall competition.
Genresporting event
Frequencyusually biennial
Inaugurated1989 (1989)
Organised byIOF

The World Cup in Ski Orienteering is a series of ski-orienteering competitions organized by the International Orienteering Federation. The first official World Cup was held in 1989, then every second year up to 1999, and then in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006, and 2007–2008.[1]

World Cup overall results


Year 1st 2nd 3rd Notes
1989 Norway Vidar Benjaminsen Sweden Stig Mattson Finland Anssi Juutilainen
1991 Finland Anssi Juutilainen Sweden Bo Engdahl Norway Vidar Benjaminsen
1993 Norway Vidar Benjaminsen Norway Lars Lystad Norway Harald Svergja
1995 Finland Vesa Mäkipää Finland Raino Pesu Norway Vidar Benjaminsen
1997 Finland Vesa Mäkipää Finland Pekka Varis Sweden Bertil Nordqvist
1999 Finland Raino Pesu Sweden Björn Lans Sweden Bertil Nordqvist
2000 Russia Eduard Khrennikov Russia Andrei Gruzdev Finland Jukka Lanki
2001 Finland Matti Keskinarkaus Finland Jukka Lanki Russia Eduard Khrennikov
2003 Russia Eduard Khrennikov Sweden Bertil Nordqvist Finland Arto Lilja
2006 Russia Eduard Khrennikov Sweden Tomas Löfgren Finland Staffan Tunis
2007/08 Sweden Erik Rost Sweden Peter Arnesson Russia Andrei Lamov
2009/10 Russia Eduard Khrennikov Finland Staffan Tunis Russia Andrey Grigoriev
2011/12 Finland Staffan Tunis Sweden Peter Arnesson Russia Andrey Grigoriev
2013/14 Russia Andrei Lamov Norway Hans Jørgen Kvåle Norway Lars Hol Moholdt [2]


Year 1st 2nd 3rd Notes
1989 Finland Virpi Juutilainen Norway Ragnhild Bratberg Sweden Ann Charlotte Karlsson
1991 Sweden Arja Hannus Sweden Annika Zell Finland Virpi Juutilainen
1993 Finland Arja Nuolioja Finland Riitta Karjalainen Norway Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen
1995 Finland Arja Nuolioja Sweden Lena Hasselström Norway Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen
1997 Norway Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen Finland Liisa Anttila Finland Terhi Holster
1999 Sweden Arja Hannus Sweden Lena Hasselström Sweden Annika Zell
2000 Sweden Lena Hasselström Sweden Annika Zell Sweden Arja Hannus
2001 Sweden Lena Hasselström Russia Tatiana Vlasova Norway Stine Hjermstad Kirkevik
2003 Russia Natalia Tomilova Russia Tatiana Vlasova Sweden Stina Grenholm
2006 Norway Stine Hjermstad Kirkevik Russia Tatiana Vlasova Sweden Marie Lund
2007/08 Russia Tatiana Vlasova Finland Liisa Anttila Russia Olga Shevchenko
2009/10 Russia Natalia Tomilova Norway Marte Reenaas Kazakhstan Olga Novikova
2011/12 Sweden Josefine Engström Sweden Tove Alexandersson Russia Polina Malchikova
2013/14 Russia Tatiana Rvacheva Sweden Tove Alexandersson Russia Anastasia Kravchenko [3]


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