World Unity Football Alliance
Formation7 July 2020; 2 years ago (2020-07-07)
TypeFederation of associations
19 Members
Official languages
English, Spanish
General Secretary
Danny Clarke

The World Unity Football Alliance (WUFA) is the international governing body for association football teams that are not affiliated with FIFA. WUFA was founded in 2020 to oversee international competition among the non-FIFA affiliated associations in the world, the alliance of football associations does not have a centralised management structure.[1][2] On 12 September 2020, WUFA announced their first tournament, the World Series, scheduled for 2021.[3] On 6 April 2021, International Surrey Football announced it would host the first stage of the WUFA World Series, all 4 games were played behind closed doors due in part to local COVID restrictions imposed in the United Kingdom at the time. [4]

On 15 March 2022, the World Unity Football Alliance announced the election of its first General Secretary, President and founder of members International Surrey Football, as part of a six-month interim term scheduled to end no later than August 2022.[5]


WUFA initially announced 9 founding members, and were joined by the Yorkshire International Football Association on July 8th.[6] Of the 18 members of WUFA, 11 are also members of CONIFA, Darfur left CONIFA prior to establishing WUFA, and Surrey were not a member of any federation prior to joining WUFA.[7][8] On 13 July, 2020, WUFA announced a partnership with CSANF – Consejo Sudamericano de Nuevas Federaciones, establishing an alliance.[9] 3 members, the Armenian Argentine Community, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Mapuche Nation later joined as members of the World Unity Football Alliance as well as the CSANF.

On 7 July, 2021, WUFA announced the Kashmir Football Association as its newest member. Kashmir was not previously a member of any non-FIFA organisation prior to joining WUFA.[10]

Europe (3)
Jersey Parishes of Jersey
Asia (5)
Hong Kong All Black FC Hong Kong
 Tamil Eelam
West Papua
Africa (5)
 Chagos Islands
 Western Sahara
North America (2)
California California
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South America (4)
Armenian Argentine Community
 Rapa Nui
São Paulo

Member Federation


Men's World Unity Cup

Women's World Unity Cup

World Series


General Secretary

General Secretary of WUFA
No. Name Country of origin Took office Left office
1 Danny Clarke  United Kingdom 18 February 2022 Incumbent / Interim

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