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Wraysbury River
River Colne
Wraysbury River
Bath Road
Poyle Channel
Staines–Windsor line
 A30  Staines bypass
Hale Street
River Colne
Church Street, Staines
 A308  Clarence Street
River Thames

The Wraysbury River is an anabranch of the River Colne to the west of London.


The river leaves the Colne at West Drayton and runs under the M4 motorway then close to Longford when it passes under the M25 motorway. A branch then feeds the Colne Brook by the Poyle Channel while the Wraysbury River runs parallel to the M25, crossing back under it by the Wraysbury Reservoir. It then flows into Staines and rejoins the River Colne in the town centre, shortly before it flows into the River Thames.

The northern part of the river's course has been heavily modified to accommodate the M4 and M25 motorways.


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Coordinates: 51°26′02″N 0°30′50″W / 51.434°N 0.514°W / 51.434; -0.514