Wrestling New Classic
FoundedApril 5, 2012
DefunctJune 26, 2014
Strong style
HeadquartersRoppongi, Minato, Tokyo[1]
SisterReina Joshi Puroresu
Merged withWrestle-1

Wrestling New Classic (WNC) (レスリング・ニュー・クラシック, Resuringu Nyū Kurashikku) was a Japanese puroresu or professional wrestling promotion, founded in April 2012 by Yoshihiro Tajiri. WNC was the follow-up promotion to Smash, which folded in March 2012.[2][3]


On April 5, 2012, Tajiri held a press conference to announce the forming of Wrestling New Classic, which would hold its first two events on April 26 at Shinjuku Face and on May 24 at Korakuen Hall.[4][5] The promotion's new financial backer at the time was Tsutomu Takashima, the executive director of real estate company Avance Avant Corporation.[6] WNC continued Smash's working relationship with Finnish professional wrestling promotion Fight Club Finland.[7] Unlike Smash, which held, on average, one event per month, WNC had a more regular schedule, producing three events in its official opening month, May 2012.[8] The promotion is named after a comment made by final Smash Champion Dave Finlay, who, at the promotion's penultimate event, told Tajiri to "keep wrestling classic" with his new promotion.[9] Several WNC wrestlers also booked and promoted their own events in collaboration with the promotion, including Kana's Kana Pro,[10] Makoto's Mako Pro,[11] Syuri's Stimulus,[12] and Takuya Kito's Kuzu Pro.[13]

In late 2013, WNC also established a working relationship with joshi puroresu promotion Reina Joshi Puroresu,[14] as part of which all of WNC's female wrestlers became officially affiliated with both promotions in January 2014.[15] On June 18, 2014, Tajiri held a press conference with Keiji Mutoh, where he announced that WNC would be going inactive following June 26. Afterwards, all female WNC wrestlers remained affiliated with WNC-Reina, while six male wrestlers, Tajiri and Akira included, transferred over to Mutoh's Wrestle-1 promotion.[16] WNC held its final event on June 26, 2014, in Tokyo's Shinjuku Face.[17]

Final roster


Ring name Real name Notes
Akira Akira Nogami
Haruka Kato Haruka Kato WNC-Reina
Jiro Kuroshio Soujiro Higuchi
Koji Doi Koji Doi
Makoto Unknown WNC-Reina
Rionne Fujiwara Rionne McAvoy
Tajiri Yoshihiro Tajiri
Yusuke Kodama Yusuke Kodama
Masaya Takahashi Masaya Takahashi
Syuri Syuri Kondo WNC-Reina
Takuya Kito Yuji Kito


Name Notes
Chiho Tomiyama Ring announcer
High Step Shota Referee
Katsumi Tamagawa Referee
Serena Higa Ring announcer
Soft Imai (Daisuke Imai) Referee
Yula Ring announcer


Ring name Real name Notes
Hajime Ohara Hajime Ohara Resigned January 31, 2013
Haruka Yoshimura Haruka Yoshimura Retired February 28, 2014
Hiroki Murase Hiroki Murase Resigned January 11, 2014
Horizon Yoshihiro Horaguchi Signed with Kaientai Dojo on September 14, 2014
Josh O'Brien Josh O'Brien Resigned January 31, 2013
Kaho Kobayashi Kaho Kobayashi Resigned on September 16, 2014, to sign with Asuka Project and Pro Wrestling Wave
Kana Kanako Urai Resigned November 28, 2012
Koharu Hinata Koharu Hinata Resigned June 18, 2014
Lin Byron Unknown Resigned June 26, 2014
Mitoshichi Shinose Akira Shinose Resigned January 30, 2014
Nagisa Nozaki Nagisa Nozaki Went inactive on January 25, 2013

Notable guests


Championship Final champion(s) Date won Defeated
WNC Championship Yuji Kito March 24, 2018 Retired[18]
WNC Women's Championship Syuri September 18, 2013 Serena

Annual tournaments

Tournament Last winner Last held
Dave Finlay Cup Hiro Tonai January 4, 2014

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